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Naughty Dog unveils The Last of Us board game, free PS4 theme and more •

Naughty Dog unveils The Last of Us board game, free PS4 theme and more • TECH GAMING REPORT

Tomorrow is Naughty Dog’s first The Last of Us Day replace For obvious reasons), and in preparation for the main event, the developers made a number of game-related announcements-commodities, giveaways, and their tough movie productions are getting board games. The process that revealed the news.

The Last of Us board game, as you might expect, was created in collaboration with the publisher CoolMiniOrNot (CMON), who was previously responsible for Bloodborne: The Board Game and God of War: The Card Game. As you can imagine, The Last of Us characters and the world will be ported to the tabletop, but Naughty Dog hasn’t said much more so far, confirming that development is underway. ..

More specifically, there is the newly released two-disc “The Last of Us” Part 2 vinyl soundtrack, featuring the music of Gustavo Santaolalla and McKir. Naughty Dog has revealed details of the soundtrack and said he plans to release two limited-edition posters inspired by the second part of The Last of Us tomorrow at 5 pm (UK / 9 am). ..

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If the longing for the “Last of Us” product remains unresolved, the developer is new Modular Last of Us Statue From the Mamegayorai Collectibles featuring Erie and Joel (about £ 260), and the 16-inch The Last of Us Part 2 Erie statue From the game head..

There are three variations of the latter. The base version with Ellie and her machete, the interchangeable arms, the optional bow, the stealth version with the interchangeable look, and the exact same hunter version except for the “special paint finish”. The base version starts at $ 399.99, making it ideal for wealthy fans of miserable collectibles.

For those who are keen to celebrate tomorrow’s “Last of Us Day” without forking the equivalent of the next generation consoles below, Naughty Dog is The Last of Us Part 2 Dynamic PlayStation ThemeInspired by “The image of the last farewell of a boat launched to the shore as the waves gently roll on the beach”.

Now available on the PlayStation Store, developers have made all other The Last of Us Part 2 themes and avatars free until Monday, September 28th.

Naughty Dog’s preface to Tomorrow’s The Last of Us details some additional events, such as product discounts and photo contests. Found on the PlayStation blog.. The event promises to be properly “exciting” (although still quite vague), tomorrow September 26th at 5pm (UK / 9am), Official website..

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