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NBA 2K21 inserts non-skippable ads into pre-game loading screens

NBA 2K21 inserts non-skippable ads into pre-game loading screens

2K added non-skippable ads to NBA 2K21 The pre-game loading screen, Stevivor, was confirmed today.

Based on reader tips, we witnessed and recorded Oculus Quest 2 ads appearing in-game on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC versions. They cannot be skipped and will be attached to a pre-game video called “MyTEAM Season 2, Episode 7”. This video will automatically start on the loading screen, which takes longer than running the ad (even on a PC running from SSD).

As mentioned above (Xbox One up, PS4 down), the ad will run completely before the user presses a button to continue. I haven’t recorded my experience on my PC, but I found that the experience was the same.

Back in September EA gets angry at similar moves and adds in-game additions UFC 4 And its replaySo much, the publisher quickly removed them.

“It’s clear from the feedback that integrating ads into the replay and overlay experience isn’t welcome,” EA said at the time. “Ads have been disabled by the team. We apologize for any gameplay interruptions players may have experienced.”

Customers were very annoyed by being forced to see non-skippable ads after paying for a fixed-price game. Perhaps ironically NBA 2K21 If you want to play the title of the current generation on the next generation device, there is an additional charge for the player..

We asked 2K to comment on this issue.

NBA 2K21 Already available on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Stadia. Heading to the Xbox Series S and X on November 10th, followed by PS5 from November 12th.

With additional reports by Steve Wright.