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NBA 2K21 Update 1.02 Patch Note: PS4, Xbox One reveals latest game changes

The latest updates are live and bring changes to MyTEAM, The Neighborhood and more.

latest NBA 2K21 The patch, update 1.02, has been officially released.

Details of the new features of the game are shown below.

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Patch update 1.02

Game fans may remember that last year’s excursion had a huge size update to the game shortly after its launch.

Thankfully, users have reported that this new update requires about 4.6GB on PlayStation 4 and 5.7GB on Xbox One.

Patch notes

The NBA 2K21 development team Courtside report Covers the latest patch notes for Update 1.02.

nba 2k21 agent selection
Latest-Shooting hotfix was the first update shortly after launch

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So what did the latest updates bring to the table?

  • Option to disable Prostick aiming in controller settings (on the right side of the Start screen)
  • You can now use the Pro Stick with the shot meter turned off.
  • The ideal shot aiming point for the Prostick is now determined by the player’s pull-down speed, giving you more control.
  • 2K shared content now properly allows access to draft classes and rosters
  • Fixed cumulative fan growth in The Neighborhood
  • Fixed some hangs when MyTEAM, Neighborhood and MyLEAGUE enter and exit game mode
  • Players and opponents will no longer see the green indicator for shots when shot feedback is turned off.

This new update NBA 2K21 shooting hotfix It was released on September 6th.

Please wait for a while for more information.

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