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John Wall scarica Harden: “Rapporto difficoltoso”

NBA, John Wall dumps Harden: ‘Our relationship? I’m not lying: difficult ‘

That was not enough (second) sonfitta, of course, against the Lakers, in the post-game Houston-Los Angeles James Harden believes that it is good to shamelessly leave the interview table after having defined the situation of the Houston Rockets ”.crazy woman“AND”with no possibility of fixing“John Wall – who came to Texas a few weeks ago – would like to stay out of the inevitable uproar caused by the umpteenth forceful statements from his new partner, and at first he at least tries.”No comment“He says. But then he relents.”He is free to have his own opinion, ”he comments on Harden’s words.. “I can only control what I can control, and that’s what I want to do, as a player and as a leader of this team“. A role – the one underlined in his words (” team leader “) – that seems like a not too hidden push for Harden, as if to say to him: if you don’t want to stay here, no problem, the leader of these new Rockets is me. Then Wall offers advice learned from his direct NBA experience: “In the early years of my career, I found myself on teams where many thought only of their own interests. That does not work. So nothing good is built. It gets complicated when there are players in the team who are not on the same wavelength as the rest of the group ”.

Wall doesn’t think so: “Is there anyone who really wants to quit after 9 games?”

Here too, after underlining how the Rockets’ potential – “if they all row in the same direction” – is respectable, Wall again sends not too subliminal messages the other superstar on the team. “Only 9 games have passed. Come on, there really is someone who wants abandon the sinking ship After only 9 games? ”He asks almost incredulously. And about the status of your personal relationship with Harden he doesn’t hide: “I don’t want to lie: so far it has been quite difficult. Certainly it was not the best possible value. But I don’t want to add anything else ”. That’s enough. the Harden-Houston divorce it seems more and more a matter of time.

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