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Netflix aspires to have the best gaming service in history

Netflix aspires to have the best gaming service in history

Just as Xbox’s Phil Spencer says he’s worried about the impact big tech giants that don’t know enough about the gaming world could have, here are some important statements from Netflix precisely about his future plans in the world of video games.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he was determined not only to solidify the company’s role in gaming, but also to differentiate your offer from the competition that have already populated the sector for years.

“We have to be good and differentiate ourselves, there is no point in being there and better. We try to guess the strategy, and not just be there for the fun of it or to spread press releases. But we have to please our members.” . offering them the best service of all“. Hastings seemed very confident in his company’s potential, so much so that he “dare” the interviewer to ask him again about his plans for gaming entertainment when Netflix will be. “Succeeding in the world of video games”.

Netflix launched its gaming service in November 2021, allowing gamers with an active Netflix subscription to access a variety of mobile titles at no additional cost. The service initially included five games distributed on Android and Apple devices, including Stranger Things: The Game, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Teeter, and Shooting Hoops. The company plans to focus on its mobile gaming service for now, but it seems clear that the goal for the next few years is to expand considerably.