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Netflix brings the video game first with two free titles

Announced a few months ago, the games will already enter the platform Netflix. If the trend is to adapt a serial game, then it seems that the American giant has decided to take the step by proposing neither more nor less a category dedicated specifically to video games. This service also launched this week with mobile games derived from its licenses, offered exclusively to subscribers in Poland.

These lucky few will have the opportunity to have fun for a month. Stranger Things: 1984 me Stranger Things 3, Two is taken directly from the hit series No One Presents. If the proposal to open this service seems weak, they say this is just an introduction. More information on its content is expected to be released in the coming weeks, letting us know what to expect when it comes to gaming.

Despite everything, some details have already been given on how this service works. “Netflix Gaming” will offer an experience without ads, but also without microtransactions. The latter might leave you wondering what games are on offer, as many of the top titles have been drawn into micro-transactions, to see how the point plays out. in the last, Of course, Netflix specifies that the games will be included directly in the subscription, as does the Xbox Games Pass.

There is currently no information specifying when this service will be active, or when it will arrive in France. And while some speculators like to believe that the recent surge in Netflix subscriptions heralds the imminent arrival of the gaming segment, that remains unlikely given that this surge is tied exclusively to France. All that remains is to be patient to see if tomorrow’s players will appreciate the beautiful sound of TOU DOUM.