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Netflix has started testing video games on Android starting with Stranger Things

Netflix has started testing video games on Android starting with Stranger Things

Federica Papagni

The intention on the part of Netflix Insinuating oneself in the world of videogames is already known for a few weeks. In fact, the company had stated in the last letter to investors that it will focus primarily on mobile devices and that the titles will be included in members’ Netflix subscription at no additional cost. Nothing had been added so far: in fact, one was started public test phase affecting a small circle of users through the mobile application.

to Netflix spokesperson he has stated:

“As of today, the members of Poland you can try Netflix mobile games on Android with two games – Stranger Things 1984 me Stranger Things 3 – all as part of your membership. We are still in the early stages of the project and will be working hard to provide the best possible experience over the next several months with our ad-free and in-app purchasing approach for games. “

Netflix intends to expand these texts also in IOS devices in the coming months.

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Users must be specified they won’t play streaming through the cloud, but when they hit the “Install Now” button, they’ll go back to the Google Play Store and from there they will download the title on your device. It will be possible to play through the Netflix application and its dedicated applications, and users will also be able to proceed with direct download from the Google store on the condition, however, that you confirm your login credentials for the streaming service.

L ‘Netflix’s approach It is similar to the one used by Apple Arcade and, in addition, not streaming games could prevent the obstacles that cloud gaming services like Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and GeForce Now have found on Apple mobile devices.

Via: Engadget