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Netflix launches Eden Unearthed, its first virtual reality game

Netflix launches Eden Unearthed, its first virtual reality game

Earlier this year, Netflix officially announced that it was entering the gaming business. While it probably won’t let you stream titles like Google Stadia, Playstation Now, or GeForce Now, the streaming giant will somehow deliver gaming experiences.

An example is Eden unearthed, a new virtual reality game based on the original anime by Eden that can be transmitted through the service.

Netflix launches virtual reality game inspired by Eden series

Eden Unearthed offers more than anything an interactive experience based on virtual reality that allows the user to ride a motorcycle in an anime-inspired landscape, but without the possibility of interacting with the cast of characters.

The virtual reality experience offers the possibility of crossing part of the story by stimulating people’s interest and participation, which encourages users to watch the Eden series.

According to The Streamable, Eden Unearthed is a game for Oculus Quest and should be compatible with both generations of Oculus headsets.

The VR game is free to download from the Oculus App Lab and is ad-free.

Netflix has already launched two mobile games based on the Stranger Things series and with virtual reality the platform aims to further engage its subscribers.

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