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Netflix tests mobile game service in Poland Start with a Stranger Things game.


A few months ago, the popular streaming service Netflix announced plans to add game streaming services in early 2022, starting with mobile games. which has recently been opened for testing in Poland

The Netflix Gaming service at the time of testing was exclusively available on Android with just two games, Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3, which members could access through a new tab that appeared in the app. Netflix mobile version

In the picture, you can see that Polish Netflix subscribers will be able to access the game for free. The game must be installed on the device first through the Google Play Store and when the download is complete, the game will only be accessible through the Netflix app.

The service is currently in its infancy, and Netflix has confirmed that it will have no additional charges, no ads, or in-app purchases and will begin rolling out globally. In full when you have to wait to continue.

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