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New Android feature alerts you if your passwords have already been leaked

Today we use many applications on a daily basis, so now it is more important than ever to maintain a good level of security in all of them. Experts recommend using different passwords for different applications, and this new functionality of Android It will allow you to know if any of these have already been filtered.

Google has just announced that the Password verification It will allow Android users to check if any of their passwords have already been leaked by some other website. Here’s how it works.

As explained Google, password verification It will notify you if your password has been exposed in a leak, and this will work with the Autocomplete tool that will notify you when entering it. The system will use a API, that is, an application programming interface, to verify data against various lists of known compromised credentials. Apparently, this database has more than 4 billion users and leaked passwords.


Via: ZD network

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