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New Apple software update released for iPhone and Mac

New Apple software update released for iPhone and Mac

Apple has released a new version of software for iPhone and Mac. This fixes bugs and increases the performance of the devices. This is how the update works.

The US tech group is giving its iPhones, iPads and Macs a new software update. iOS 15.6, iPadOS 15.6 and MacOs 12.5 versions can now be downloaded and installed.

The update doesn’t bring many new features, but according to Apple it contains “improvements, bug fixes, and security updates.” It is also supposed to improve the performance of the devices.

Among other things, this fixes an issue that would constantly indicate that storage space was running low, even when it wasn’t. Also, fixed a bug in Apple’s Internet browser, Safari, which caused a tab to possibly call up a previously visited website.

With the release of iOS 16 approaching in the fall, Apple is mostly limiting this minor software update to bug fixes. In this article, we have summarized the new features that the new iOS 16 brings and what else iPhone users can expect from the update.

How to install the latest update

In iPhone settings, under the “General” tab, you’ll find the “Software Update” area. One click opens the iPhone update screen.

At the bottom is the option to download the current version. The update process begins with a click on “Upload and install”.