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New Certification for Gaming Monitors – Hardware

VESA, which is also behind the DisplayHDR initiative, has now launched a new certification process: ClearMR. This time it is about the representation of the sharpness of the movement. One wants to certify LCD and OLED panels of televisions, monitors, but also integrated screens in laptops, tablets and all-in-one computers. The goal is to give the consumer a quick overview of the sharpness of the motion screen.

Clear MR is meant to indicate what proportion of the pixels are blurred or blurred during fast movements. In addition, clear relationships between blurry and sharp pixels are shown. CMR is intended to replace the other Motion Picture Response Time (MPRT) standard, which VESA dismisses as too imprecise. Accordingly, MPRT would not take into account image enhancement techniques, which formally increase sharpness but can reduce image quality due to artifacts and distortions.

There are different quality levels, from ClearMR 3000 to ClearMR 9000. The values ​​are explained below: With Clear Motion 7000 z. For example, 65 to 75 times more pixels are in focus than out of focus (6500 to 7500%). Therefore, the higher the rating, the better the motion sharpness. In our opinion, VESA did not sufficiently consider whether this might be too complex and abstract for customers. We assume that lay people can hardly imagine what the values ​​are.

However, manufacturers will soon be happy to advertise with ClearMR. In any case, Samsung Display has already announced it for its QD OLED panels. LG Electronics wants to have its UltraGear gaming monitors certified, specifically the 48GQ900, 32GQ850 and 27GP850. However, the tests still have limitations: VESA admits that they only test SDR playback. However, work is already underway to expand the certification program to include HDR testing.