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It is time to talk about brawl stars newest Brawler Rarity Chromatic. Brawl stars recently released this image on their social media platforms and told us the game is getting a new chromatic rarity. Now I’ve got some additional information that Supercell has not released yet so I could give you guys an exclusive look at how this is actually going to impact brawl stars.

This is important because chromatic rarity is completely different than all the other rarities in the game. By the way guys, I’m gonna be covering all the information in the update with as much detail as I possibly can and Supercell allows me to do that, so make sure you guys read for more information.


Now we’re gonna start off by talking about how the chromatic rarity is going to work out and then we’re going to talk about how it is going to impact brawl stars later on in this article. I have a lot on my mind regarding not only the chromatic brawler rarity but as well as the brawl pass, so make sure you guys read through the end of the article. When a chromatic brawler is released you can kind of think of it like a legendary brawler, I don’t know if they’re going to have like super unique mechanics as the legendary brawlers do but what I do know is that it is going to start out with a drop rate very similar to legendary brawlers.

But rather than it costing 700 gems or 40 US dollars you can get as a bonus by purchasing the brawl pass which I’m estimating is going to cost like somewhere between a hundred gems and 200 gems. So for the gemmers out there like me, chromatic brawlers will be a steal but the really cool thing about chromatic brawlers is that their drop rate will actually increase over time which means that free-to-play players are going to be able to unlock them much easier than a legendary brawler.

Let’s talk specifically about how the drop rates are going to change over time so that you guys have an idea of how this actually works. You guys most likely already know that legendary drop rates change depending on how long it’s been since you have unlocked your last brawler and what that rarity of that brawler was. So your legendary drop rate is actually gonna be different than mine but I actually looked at my six non maxed out accounts and came up with an average legendary drop rate of about 0.1% so for the purpose of this article release, I’m gonna say that the chromatic brawler drop rate starts around at 0.1% and it’s going to stay at that drop right for its first season and by season I’m referring to the brawl pass season.

I’m assuming that seasons are going to last throughout each calendar month, that’s exactly how it works in Clash Royale as well as in Clash of Clans and I can’t really think of a reason why brawl stars would do it differently. So for chromatic brawlers, the first season or roughly its first month, its drop rate would be about 0.1% but if you don’t get that brawler in its first season the drop rate increases from a legendary rate to a mythic rate that’s an increase from 0.1% to 0.25%.

In other words, you would be 2.5x more likely to unlock a brawler after about a month. Okay now with that said I know mythic brawlers are still pretty rare but it does not stop there, if you don’t unlock the chromatic brawler in the second season the drop rate increases again from a mythic rate to an epic rate. That’s an increase from 0.25% to 0.55% in other words you would be 5.5% more likely to unlock the brawler after about two months in comparison to when it was first released into the game. Now for a free-to-play player, the news of a new legendary brawler is kind of like really disheartening right?

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I see it every time we get a new legendary brawler, the f2p player cry. I know that I might not seem like it but I feel you guys. I get that because you guys know it’s gonna take months of hard-earned brawl boxes for you to even unlock it or even for you to have a decent chance when locking it and even for small spenders it’s not really worth it just like buy some mega boxes so you can try and get the new brawler because chances are just too low.

Mythic are also kind of difficult to unlock but epic brawlers are very obtainable even if you’re free to play assuming that you were actively playing each day. I see this as an absolute win because free-to-play players are basically guaranteed to get the new brawlers eventually. But spenders can get the new chromatic brawlers pretty early on without actually dropping 40 bucks on a legendary brawler special offer. Now, this does leave us with a few questions that Supercell did not answer. So I’m gonna do my best to speculate on them. The first question I have is will brawl stars continue releasing products of other rarities, are we still gonna have super rare brawlers, are we still gonna get trophy road brawlers and legendary brawler’s.


I cannot imagine that Supercell would stop releasing these other rarities, I mean one of the most exciting things in brawl stars is unlocking a legendary brawler that you’ve wanted for a very long time right and the same goes for pushing your brawlers. And I think it would be a huge mistake for brawl stars to only release chromatic brawlers from that one and I think that they recognize that I think it’s safe to assume that we’re gonna continue to get other rarities so you don’t need to worry about that the next question I have is are we gonna get a chromatic brawler for every brawl pass.

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Honestly I don’t think that every brawl pass is going to have a chromatic brawler and here’s why I’m speculating that each brawl pass is going to last for a month in order for Supercell to release a new brawler, for each brawl pass that would require them to release 12 brawlers each year and that’s only if they did not release brawlers of other rarities which I still think they’re going to. In 2019 brawl stars released 10 new brawlers that’s 2 short of 1/month right. And we’re in the fifth month of 2020 and brawl stars have only released three new brawlers this year now that being said we’re likely going to get at least one new brawler sometime next week probably two with the next update.

But you guys get the idea if brawl stars is going to release a new brawler with every brawl pass, not only will they have to release twelve chromatic brawlers per year. They’ll also have to release more brawlers on top of that, that are rare, super rare, epic, mythic, legendary, and of course like the trophy road brawlers. Now I’m gonna be the first person to say this right, I would love it if brawl starts released new brawlers more frequently.

New brawler’s are my favorite type of content and getting more than one brawler per month I mean I love the idea that just changing the meta that sounds like a blast but I have a really hard time imagining Supercell would be able to increase the amount of brawler’s that they release from ten per year to 15 or even 20 per year they literally have to double what they did in the first year. I don’t think we’re gonna be getting chromatic brawler for each brawl pass and that means it for brawl stars is probably going to have to release a lot of extra content in those passes that don’t have a new brawler to really make it worth purchasing.


The next question I have is how our chromatic brawler is going to impact the cost of the brawl pass in my last article talking about the brawl pass. I already talked about why brawl pass could cost more than $5 to purchase and for a lot of good reasons but adding a new brawler to the brawl pass just that sounds like an insane amount of value.

And I just can’t imagine Supercell not increasing the price of it, at most chromatic brawlers start as rare as legendary brawlers and it costs 700 gems to buy legendary brawl. That’s 40 bucks but even in the least chromatic brawlers are as rare is epic brawlers and it cost 170 gems to buy an epic brawler outright that’s equivalent of like 10 US dollars. By the way, I don’t actually think it’s worth it for you to buy those specials for most players like 99 percent of them but those are the values of the non discounted brawler offers even if we just take the value of an epic or at 170 gems or 10 US dollars right there. That is twice the cost to buy a pass in Clash Royale or  Clash of Clans and that is on top of all the reasons why I thought the brawl past would cost more than 5 bucks.

So at this point, I don’t think it’s only gonna be five dollars a month and the whole idea of a brawl past system is to add so much potential value to the special that is basically a no-brainer to purchase it assuming that you can afford to do so right.

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And I don’t think that it would be smart for brawl stars to make the pass very expensive because brawl stars actually as a younger audience than Clash of clans in Clash Royale. Now with all that considered I think that the maximum price for a brawl pass would be no more than 200 gems even including all of this value and that it’s likely that the pass is going to cost 170 gems or 10 US dollars. We already know that getting the brawl pass will guarantee that you will unlock the chromatic brawler and I think it is very likely that they will also include one other exclusive reward with each pass it’s probably going to be like a special skin or possibly even emotes that I predicted in my last article.

Now I wanted to talk about something really important regarding this update. You guys know that I’ve read through a lot of the comments on my articles I don’t respond to all of them but I read a lot more than you guys probably think and regarding the brawl pass in my last article. I’d say that most people were responding pretty positively but there was still a lot of feedback from people who were upset about the brawl pass. A lot of the feedback was regarding free-to-play players missing out on the content coming in the brawl pass and I wanted to share my insight on the subject. Now before I do that, I think it’s very important you guys know that I haven’t always been in mobile gaming youtuber right like I was going through school.

I know what it’s like to f2p, I know what it’s like to be a complete free-to-play player that never spends money on any game including ones that I’m completely obsessed with and have been playing for years, I’m not a free-to-play player right now especially because my business requires me to spend gems. But I know how important it is to make the free-to-play community happy. With that said I wanted to share some thoughts on this, Brawl stars said that the brawl pass was coming with a revamped progression system.


We don’t know what the details behind this are but the progression system is changing in some way. It might be with some small tweaks or it might be with some big changes if free-to-play progression gets nerfed with these changes you are completely justified with being upset with this change. In my opinion, if it will take longer for a free-to-play player to progress their account because of these changes. This is a bad thing and I will absolutely be doing the math to find out if this is the case and I promise to you guys, I am going to be 100% honest with you regarding whether or not that’s happening no amount of money is ever worth my honor.


Also you guys already know that if there’s anything that I strongly disagree with regarding brawl stars I will share my feedback with Supercell. They obviously don’t have to apply the feedback but I will give it to them directly and while I can be very logical, I can also be very persuasive and I think that you guys would actually be surprised at how receptive Supercell has been to feedback like this in the past. I’ve shared a lot of concerns with them and they’ve actually applied a lot of the things before you guys even knew it was coming in the update. But I don’t actually think that is going to happen this time I have been playing for brawl stars since day 1 of beta. Way back in 2017 and I have been a part of every progression system revamp and there have been a lot of them I cannot remember a time when they did not make it easier for free-to-play players to progress.

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It would be a mistake for Supercell to nerf free-to-play progression because free-to-play games do not do well over time if their free-to-play player base is unhappy. The brawl stars developer team has made it very clear to me that they understand this, as brawl stars is way more friendly to f2p players in Supercell’s other games. But there is one very important thing that you need to understand just like the free to play players need to be happy in order for a game to succeed for years.

The spenders need to be happy as well and there needs to be enough content worth spending on to make them happy in order for a game to do well for many years. If free-to-play players aren’t happy they stop playing the game and spenders lose the advantage that they had in the game as well as the pride that they have of having unique skins and if spenders aren’t happy, they stop spending money on the game and the game has to close because funding is gone. You guys don’t want Brawl stars to close and neither do I. I don’t think that we’re at that point but this is an important issue.

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I listed three major issues that brawl stars would face if they did not fix some things this year. The first was a lack of strategic depth in endgame and answer that Supercell added gadgets almost exactly as I predicted over a year ago the second was a lack of social features to keep people coming back to the game. The game still hasn’t improved on this but I’m really confident it’s going to happen later this year and we’ll see what that is. But the third major issue was long-term monetization brawl stars is an expensive game to maintain and to develop.

I do know that it costs millions of dollars each year just to maintain and develop brawl stars and the big issue with brawl stars is that it has a much lower pay wall than Clash of Clans or Clash Royale and you might think that’s a good thing as a f2p players right. And it is because it helps keep the free-to-play player base happy but the issue with that is that players like me who are willing to spend money in the game and a lot of you guys who are willing to you know spend a few bucks that here and there is that the amount of content that you can actually spend money on is very limited and that means that they’re missing out on money that they can use that into then it develops a game.

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As a content creator, I spend a lot more money on the game and most people do because my business requires it. But most other big spenders won’t spend more than a few hundred bucks in the game and that and that sounds like a lot but you have to compare that to the thousands that they could spend on Clash Royale or Clash of clans or most other mobile games right. There’s just not enough in the game worth spending on and most of the big spenders and brawl stars have already spent their money on the game and don’t have a reason to continue spending on it this is an issue that brawl stars needed to figure out how to fix.

And it is exactly why I predict that brawl stars would add a brawl pass to the game look I get it if you’re a f2p player it can be upsetting to miss out on new content that is coming from the brawl pass. But here’s the deal assuming that brawl stars does not nerf free-to-play progression this isn’t any different than any other brawl stars update. Brawl pass is going to be coming with exclusive skins, brawl stars anyway release new skins that can only be purchased with money with every single update. Brawl pass is coming with a new chromatic brawler, well brawl stars releases rare brawlers all of the time and eventually you’re gonna be able to unlock them at much easier than even the rarest brawler.


Brawl pass is gonna make it easier for you to progress faster. Well, brawl stars already offered boxes, token doublers, and things like that in the shop that does the exact same thing. Everything coming in the brawl pass is what we are already getting with each update, it’s just packaged differently and it’s likely going to come at a discounted price.

Which is good most spenders and for all the light spenders. And light spenders are about to get a lot more value from their money that is a good thing. For f2p players will also be able to get new brawlers to play and brawl stars will have a new way to monetize their content allowing them to continue making an awesome game that we all love that you can play for free. We’ll see how this is actually going to impact the progression of free-to-play players if my assumptions are correct, it’ll be a exactly the same or free Twitter aggression will actually be even boosted because of this I want you guys to know that I take a lot of pride in taking the feedback that you guys put in the comments section bundling it all up and then giving it to supercell.

Especially if the feedback is warranted, I’ve done this in the past and Supercell always listens to it with that we don’t know the specifics yet once supercell gives me all the details on how progression is going to be changed, which means this is not the article you want to comment on.

[HawkEye]: You can comment on any specific Kairos’s time video. He’s the best guy for this, don’t forget to check him out. I’ll give him credits down below, don’t forget to check him out.


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