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New Dead by Daylight update remasters half of the game and adds colorblind settings


Died in daylight Is preparing the latest generation of consoles, and developer Behavior Interactive is using the “Realm Beyond” update to recreate a significant portion of the game. This update includes major visual changes to 21 maps, 12 objects entered into the map (such as totems), and a number of minor changes to character animations and visual effects.

According to Mathieu Côté Died in daylight, Realm Beyond is a landmark. The operation was “completed in the middle of the graphical update process” and the entire project continued until mid-2021, but it was not possible to identify a particular release window. The new map will continue to receive tweaks and changes as players play the match and give feedback on their actions.The developer has already adjusted the lighting so that things are not acquired Too It’s dark and ready to change further levels for balance changes and bug fixes.

Fans crazy about the story behind all the mayhem and murder can keep an eye out for Easter eggs and tips, as the map has few details that match the game’s increasingly complex folklore. I can do it.

Killers like clowns and nurses have already been visually updated and those changes will continue. “We prioritize the oldest models for visual tweaks. Some of them were created with completely different styles of texture. We call this a painting, so it’s more than real. It was a cartoon quality, “says Côté. “We allow you to recognize what makes the silhouette and character stand out.”

Realm Beyond focuses on the most important parts of the killer’s appearance, such as models and visual effects. The clown’s gas can be seen more clearly in an instant. However, we currently have no plans to update our own Memento Mori animations.

Finally, Died in daylight Players will be able to adjust their color blindness settings with the Realm Beyond update. There are settings for players that adjust to take into account deuteranopia (cannot perceive green light), protanopia (cannot perceive red light), and tritanopia (cannot perceive blue light). This should help the game UI and the “scratch marks” that survivors leave when they escape the killer, making the game more accessible.

update: This article has been updated with the correct release window for The Realm Beyond.

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