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new details at BlizzCon 2021

There BlizzCon 2021, we have seen more details about Immortal devil, Blizzard’s mobile entry into the iconic action role-playing game franchise. After technical alpha which ended in January, we got a clearer view of how the game is taking shape. Diablo Immortal is a mobile MMO with tone and gameplay in line with the franchise, but it may not be “original.”

Still not one release date And it looks like the next phase will be another alpha, based on a question and answer session with the press held during BlizzConline 2021. Blizzard is not announcing when the next alpha will take place. However, based on responses from Diablo Immortal lead designer Wyatt Chang and combat designer Julian Love, we know more about how the game was created to be an MMO in mobile devices.

Diablo Immortal: no release date yet

The big reveal seems to be that the Diablo Immortal team has designed the game to be a mobile MMO, with elements like voice chat, public events and dedicated dungeons to take on your friends. The Diablo Immortal team said they would also like to have events with more than four players. They could be events similar to larger raids in the game, although they are still ambitious and the game could launch without these events.

The technical alpha had aextensive voice chat, not only in your group, but also on public channels. To address the audience, you can leave voice notes: press and hold a dedicated “record” button to save a message and a text-to-speech tool will translate and show other players a summary of your message.

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The team is also working to implement the guild in-game: “We want you to feel that your guild membership is important,” Chang said. As previously revealed, Diablo Immortal will be a game free to play with microtransazioni, but players will not be able to buy equipment, which traditionally will have to be looted, eg. ex. from the bodies of your enemies. Instead, in-game purchases will allow players to purchase Saving and things related to talismans. They also plan to have a battle pass system with free and paid courses.