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New Google Auto feature will replace Android Auto

Android Auto is best known for providing access to the phone directly from the dash of the car. This allows users to access Google Maps, music and data applications without having to carry a phone.

Later, Google marketed Android Auto as a ‘standalone app’ for users whose car dashboard was not compatible with Android Auto. But now the ‘Google Assistant Driving Mode’ will work as a replacement for Android Auto.

The US search giant confirmed the plan in a statement at 9-5 from Google. “Our next evolution in the mobile operating experience is the Google Assistant driving mode,” the statement said.

The company added: “The service will not go away for all those who use Android Auto in compatible cars. Those who use it on phones (Android Auto mobile app) will be transferred to the Google Assistant driving mode. Starting with Google 12, ‘Google Assistant Driving Mode’ will be a built-in mobile operating experience. We have no further details at this time. “

Before Google confirmed the change, users of Pixel phones running Android 12 received notifications, according to the Engadget report. If you want to run Android Auto, Google sent that notification.

The notification said, Android Auto is now “for car displays only”. The notification also suggested the use of ‘Google Assistant Driving Mode’.

Engadget also said that if the phone’s operating system is not updated to Android 12, those who are interested will be able to run Android Auto for now.