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New information technologies Popular social networks Central government Twitter akp 94 |  The center's latest warning to Twitter

New information technologies Popular social networks Central government Twitter akp 94 | The center’s latest warning to Twitter

Enforce the rules or get ready for action!

The Center on Saturday issued a “final notice” to Twitter, the world’s most popular social media company, for delaying the appointment of officials in India under the new TI rules for three months, warning of actions under the TI law and penal.

Under new guidelines introduced by the central government in February, social media companies were required to appoint resident complaint redress officers, compliance officers and divisional liaison officers in India by May 26. . Twitter received repeated instructions to do so, but Twitter refused to comply. Therefore, this final notice has been sent. As a result, the conflict between the central government and Twitter has escalated. The government has warned that if the rules are not followed, Twitter will lose its responsibility under the IT Act.

Twitter has so far refused to follow the rules. “Twitter does not appear to be trying to provide security to the citizens of India on its platform, but it is not even committed to it,” the Ministry of Information Technology said in a statement. Twitter has been operating in India for over a decade. But Twitter strenuously refused to establish a mechanism to address complaints from Indian citizens in a timely and transparent manner. The ministry said the matter was “inconsistent.”

Twitter was supposed to comply with the new rules as of May 26. But the social media company didn’t follow the rules. But in good faith, the company has one last chance. However, the ministry warned that if Twitter did not comply with the rules, action would be taken under the Information Technology Act and other criminal laws. However, the time limit for compliance with the rules is not mentioned in the notice. The ministry also clarified that Indians using Twitter must have an adequate mechanism to resolve their complaints.

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First published on June 6, 2021 1:55 am

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