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AVM Fritzbox mit Labor-Symbol

New lab upgrade for various Fritz boxes

Photo: AVM

Since Friday, AVM offers the new lab version 7.39 for various Fritz boxes, following an update for the Fritzbox 5590 Fiber occurred


AVM’s Fritz Labor 7.39 is now available for Fritzboxes 7520, 6690, 6591, 6660 Cable and Fritzbox 7590 AX and 7530. The update has been available from AVM since December 9. You can find installation information and an overview of all enhancements directly at Offerer.

AVM Labor 7.39 for Fritz boxes

The company lists the following new features for the current Fritz Labor on its website:

  • Call announcement: Fritz Fon learns to speak: new functions for FRITZ!Fon
  • WireGuard support to easily establish VPN connections
  • WLAN Mesh: More performance for Fritzbox than Mesh Repeater
  • More usability in the Fritzbox UI
  • Selection of an additional display with the temperature and humidity history on the FritzDect 440
  • Smart home routines: for automated smart home interactions
  • Smart home scenarios – create the right mood for every occasion
  • Making calls easier with the Fritzbox 6850: call directly via the mobile phone number on your SIM card

Source: AVM