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New motorized play bed – raise it with the push of a button

New motorized play bed – raise it with the push of a button

from Michael Miskulin
A new motorized gaming bed from a Japanese manufacturer might be some gamer’s wet dream: never again tense your own muscles to laboriously get into gaming position.

The Japanese manufacturer of gaming furniture called Bauhütte has struck again and, after its gaming bed with many features, it has presented a new concept of gaming bed, this time motorized. With the push of a button, the player’s bed brings the long-term player from sleeping position to player position. Your own game setup is always at your fingertips.

The motors propel the players into a playing position.

Bauhütte’s motorized play bed actually consists of the play bed himself and the desk bedwho work together. The game setup is on the adjustable desk, which is designed to accommodate a bed underneath. Meanwhile, the bed frame uses motors to bring the player’s back and knees into a sitting position. But whether this final position is really ergonomic is another question. When the player has rowed long enough, a remote controller attached to the side of the bed can be used to return the player to the sleeping position for rest. The head and foot sections can also be raised or lowered separately, so you can set various sleeping and sitting positions.

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There are also a number of accessories on the Bauhütte website. A little side car acts as a small snack shop, a Combination of coat rack, table and storage cabinet offers space for everyday objects and the romper Ninja Monkey 4G should help as clothing. The bed frame is about 198cm long and about 93cm wide and should cost around $480 alone. One can be glad that Bauhütte has not yet installed a toilet, because then some players would probably not be able to walk away from their games.

Source: via gizmodo