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PlayStation 5 System Update 20.02-02.26-00

New PlayStation 5 System Update 20.02-02.26-00 Released

Sony has released another firmware update for next-generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 System Update 20.02-02.26-00. This is its function.

Sony last week Deployed System Update 20.02-02.25.00 And today there is yet another system update for the console. As with last week, the patch notes only mention improvements in system performance, and no additional details are available at this time. Below is a screenshot of a fairly minimal patch note.

A new PS5 system update 20.02-02.25.00 has been released by Sony.Weight is 886MB

PlayStation5 system update

PlayStation5 System Update 20.02-02.26-00 Release Notes

  • This system software update improves system performance

This update weighs 886MB, the same size as last week’s system update. Hopefully, this new update addresses some of the ongoing crash issues that some players are still experiencing. Last week’s firmware update seems to have resolved some, but not all, of the reported issues.

We will update as soon as we learn more about this new system update for Sony consoles.

The· Playstation 5 Is currently available worldwide, but it will be hard to find in practice. According to Sony, the console has sold out worldwide.

Find out how PlayStation celebrated the global launch of the PS5 console. There are iconic buildings and popular sites around the world.

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