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Equipments are new items available at levels 10 and 11 that add a new level of strategy and progress to the game.

There are 5 different types of equipment and each of them gives a different passive ability to the Brawler it is assigned to. Equipment can be created on the Brawler screen using two currencies: Equipment Tokens and Shards. Both can be found in Brawl Chests and can be purchased in the shop.

Equipment can also be upgraded up to level 3, with increasing effect for each level:

  • Speed: Gain 15/20/25% speed when moving through bushes
  • Health: Heals 100/150/200 when stopped.
  • Damage: Deal 10/15/20% extra damage when below 50% health.
  • Resistance: Reduces the efficiency and duration of slow and stun effects by 25/30/35%.
  • Defense: Gain a shield of 300/450/600 health. The shield regenerates by 5% every 0.5 seconds when at full health

Equipment cannot be transferred between Brawlers, so once an Equipment is created, it will be tied to the Brawler of your choice.


  • Clubs will now be unlocked upon reaching 900 trophies.
  • New recruiting process to help you find a club.
  • The maximum number of club members is now 30 members.


The League of Clubs is a new weekly club competition!

Each week your club is paired with 7 other clubs that compete over 3 days. Each day, members will receive 4 tickets which must be used to play matches and earn club trophies, which can later be redeemed for rewards!


  • The season will last 1 week.
  • Game days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • Each member receives 4 tickets which will be reset at the end of the day.
  • Gold Tickets: You can purchase 4 additional tickets per member for the chance to play more games.
  • Gold Tickets can be purchased using Star Points or Gems.

Game and matchmaking modes

  • Matchmaking takes place based on the region of the club.
  • As a member of a club, you can choose to play a standard match (Bo1 single match) or a competitive match (Bo3 – same format as the League of Stars).
  • To play a standard game you need 1 ticket, and to play a competitive game, 2 tickets.
  • Standard games have only one game mode and one map available per day.
  • Competitive Matches share the same group of maps as the League of Stars.

Club trophies

Club members earn club trophies by playing matches. Playing with your club mates will give you a slightly higher number of Club Trophies, and the number also depends on the type of game played.

Standard Match Club Trophies: