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New update of BRAWL STARS Edgar, Byron and more!


Brawlidays 2020: New update of BRAWL STARS Edgar, Byron and more!

The new Brawl Stars update for the Brawlidays 2020 has arrived, with two new brawlers and many brawler budget changes that will blow your mind!

New Brawler Byron (Mythic)

New Brawler BYRON (Mythic)

Who is the new Byron brawler?

Byron is the new Mythic brawler coming to Brawl Stars. He is a character who will conclude the TOWNFOLK trio with Piper and Bombardino, but who is Byron? What does he do in life? Byron is a sinister vendor of powerful potions and with them he can both heal his teammates and poison his enemies.

When does the new Byron brawler come out?

Byron, according to the Brawl Talk, will be available starting the day after the new Brawl Stars update, so from tomorrow you can find Byron in the crates.

Byron’s stats (Attack – Super – Gadget – SP1 – SP2)

  • Main attack – A long range attack that applies a damage over time effect to enemies and a healing over time effect to friendly Brawlers. Both effects can stack on the same target as many times as they are hit.
  • Super – An instantly exploding vial that damages enemies and heals allied brawlers in the area.
  • Gadget – Consume ammo to heal 800 health points per second for 3 seconds.
  • Star Ability 1 – Super Ability also reduces enemy healing by 50% from all sources for 9 seconds. This also affects the normal health regeneration that occurs after taking no damage for a while.
  • Star Ability 2 – Every 3,5 sand the next normal shot will pierce the targets.

New Brawler Edgar (Epic)

New Brawler Edgar (Epic)

Who is the new brawler Edgar?

Edgar is the new Epic brawler coming to Brawl Stars. He is a very angry boy who loves to do parkour. He works together with Colette in the Gift Shop, so we can add him in the TRIO GIFT SHOP.

When does the new Edgar brawler come out?

According to some analysis of the 13 gifts coming to Brawl Stars, the new brawler Edgar will arrive on December 19th, so make a note of this date. If you fail to open the gift you can still find it in the chests with the “epic” rarity percentage.

Edgar’s stats (Attack – Super – Gadget – SP1 – SP2)

  • Main attack – Very short ranged attack that hits twice, Edgar is healed for 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Super – Edgar jumps a short distance and gains extra movement speed after landing. The super is slowly charged passively over time (similar to Barryl).
  • Gadget – Increases Super passive cooldown by 700% for 3 seconds.
  • Star Ability 1 – Edgar’s super deals 1000 damage to nearby enemies after landing.
  • Star Ability 2 – Edgar receives the 25% more healing from damage done to enemies.

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I regali del BRAWLIDAYS 2020

From December 12th to December 24th, 13 gifts will be released for all Brawl Stars players. You will need to log in every day to redeem them or you will lose the reward forever! In addition to crates, coins, energy points and double tokens, you can get 1 Brock RETRO Skin and the new epic rarity brawler EDGAR! Here is the order of gifts on brawl stars.

BRAWLIDAYS Challenge to win BO Warrior

The Brawlidays Challenge is a new monthly Christmas themed challenge (brawlidays) that will be played in DUO Survival mode. It is the first time that Brawl Stars has released a DUO competition and frankly it surprises me a little as they want to bet on esports and DUOs are anything but competitive, as most spend their time camping in the bushes.

You will usually have 4 chances of defeat and you will have to win 12 games (4 maps of 3 games).

What are the maps of the BRAWLIDAYS CHALLENGE?

The four maps to face are the following in order of round:

  1. Skull Torrent
  2. Plain of hunger
  3. Rocky Valley
  4. Acid Lakes

Skull Torrent

Plain of Hunger
Rocky Valley Acid lakes

The new skins coming with the BRAWLIDAYS 2020

The new skins coming with the BRAWLIDAYS 2020

The new skins coming with brawlidays, with their respective dates, are the following:

  • Tick ​​Snowman – 80 Gems – December 19th
  • Nutcracker Gelindo – 150 Gems – December 21st
  • Frank of the Holidays – 150 Gems – December 23rd
  • Bo Warrior – 30 Gems – Brawlidays challenge (or 29 in the shop)

Do you want to see all the BRAWL TALK in Italian? Click here -> https://youtu.be/R1T9tEfLJAc

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