So ends a dubious year: all the Boston Dynamics robots in a crazy dance segment. Among other things, the Robo-Dog Spot Dance, the Humanoid Atlas, and Handle participate in the dance.

In recent years we have gotten to know the various Boston Dynamics robots and their impressive capabilities. Among other things, we met the Humanoid Atlas, Dog Spot and Handle, the robot that helps carry cargo.

Now, in honor of the holidays, Boston Dynamics has released a new video featuring the company’s robots moving in dance steps beautifully paired with the sounds of the American Motown band The Contours song Do You Love Me. Although the original song was released in 1962, it gained renewed fame in 1987 with the release of the movie “Corrupt Dance.”

Atlas, the humanoid robot, and Handle show impressive capabilities in demos and videos, but are still considered prototypes and have not yet reached mass production. However, The place for dogs is already for sale – If you have $ 75,000.

Remember, Boston Dynamics has gone through quite a few changes since its inception in 1992. Among other things, it was acquired by Google in 2013, It was later sold to Softbank Corporation The Japanese of 2017, who sold it this December 2020 to the Korean Hyundai.

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