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New World: Many more servers for Europe, does that help?


Amazon Games is also successfully updating the New World servers on Day 2! Source: Amazon Games

The second day of the New World is behind us. For the most part, the queues weren’t as long as they were on Day 1, but many players still had to wait for hours before they could connect to the desired server. This was also due to the fact that the login server was still experiencing technical problems, causing connection interruptions between those waiting. Guaranteed frustration.

But as developer Amazon Games already announced, the studio is currently working on various solutions to make queues disappear for the most part soon. In addition to the upcoming free server transfer, which we already informed you about, Amazon continues to provide new servers that independent group players and other players can initially distribute to. If necessary, transfer is also an option at a later time, to reach the desired group of players.

On the first day of New World, Amazon Games managed to launch a total of 20 new servers for the Central European region alone, but even those were invaded again after a very short time. This showed that many endings of the game are already switching to new servers to avoid long wait times and to be able to play in the first place. While the studio continues to work to increase the capacity of existing servers, new servers were added for various regions, including Europe, of course, on the second day of New World.

The new server of the New World starting Wednesday

The new New World servers, which were added on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, can be found in the overview below. A total of 58 new servers were launched for New World in Central Europe, significantly increasing the total number to a total of 150.

After most of the new servers were still marked with the language code “DE / EN” on Tuesday, the combination for the new server on Wednesday was different. Some “German” servers have also been added, but the vast majority of the new servers are still a purely English language recommendation. But there were also additions for France, Spain and Poland.

World name – world set – language

Takshasila Vanaheim Zeta
Diana’s Grove Vanaheim Zeta
Ismarus Vanaheim State
Harpinna Vanaheim State
Hippotae Vanaheim Theta
Ismarus Vanaheim Theta
Pointland Vanaheim Mu
Wonderland Vanaheim Mu
Damalis Vanaheim Xi
Nowhere Vanaheim Xi
Carcosa Vanaheim Tau
Estotiland Vanaheim Omega FR / EN
Tabor Island Vanaheim Omega FR / EN
Groclant Vanaheim Ultra
Erewhon Vanaheim Ultra
Kantia Vanaheim Signature
Jacquet Vanaheim Signature
Mandara Core of Vanaheim FROM / IN
Dvaraka Core of Vanaheim FROM / IN
Bathroom Core of Vanaheim FROM / IN
Chryse Core of Vanaheim FROM / IN
Transparent Vanaheim Omicron
Kianida Vanaheim Omicron
Frisland Vanaheim Lambda IS IN
Larissa Vanaheim Lambda IS IN
Petermannland Vanaheim Sigma
Pepys Vanaheim Sigma
Wachusett Vanaheim Kappa
Zanara Vanaheim Kappa
Aepyornis Vanaheim Radial
Mardi Vanaheim Radial
Zu-Vendis Land of Vanaheim
Phaeacia Land of Vanaheim
Boat-trap Vanaheim High
Caprona Vanaheim High
Caspak Vanaheim Air
Otherururia Vanaheim Air
Evonium Vanaheim Air
Barsoom Vanaheim Air
Nericus Vanaheim Air
Pavlopetri Vanaheim Dark
Kerguelen Vanaheim Dark
Heraklion Vanaheim Dark
Ravenspurn Vanaheim Dark
Muziris Vanaheim Dark
Balanjar Vanaheim Dark
Otuken Vanaheim Dark
Emathia Vanaheim Lux
Hellopia Vanaheim Lux
Quivira Vanaheim Lux
To close Vanaheim Lux
Glitnir Land of Vanaheim
Kalevala Land of Vanaheim
Mauve Land of Vanaheim FR / EN
Cassipa Land of Vanaheim FROM / IN
Lamian Vanaheim Lambda IS IN
Pulotu Vanaheim Lambda IS IN
Mayda Vanaheim Kappa PL / EN

This huge increase in capacity made it possible for many games that ended Wednesday night to start on one of the new servers and experience the New World without waiting. During the course of Thursday it will be clear how the situation unfolds and how the players are distributed on the servers. For the time being, the agglomeration, of course, will remain servers in which the currents meet or have already met with their communities.

All EU servers at a glance

In addition to the brand new servers for Europe mentioned above as of Wednesday, we already kept you up to date on the development of the New World servers on Tuesday. You can find out when the servers were added and what the full list of domains available for launch looked like here:

New world: there are already new servers, and more and more

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