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Newly issued guidelines for unlock 3.0 will come into force

Newly issued guidelines for unlock 3.0 will come into force

The newly issued guidelines for Unlock 3.0 will come into effect. New guidelines for unlock 3.0 Ministry of Interior It will be effective from today, Saturday, August 1, 2020. Use of the Aarogya Setu application is further facilitated.

Containment Zone:-

There are some reliefs in areas outside the containment zone. Only essential activities and needs are permitted in the containment zone. Tight blockades will be in place until August 31, 2020.

In the unlock 3.0 phase, more activities are allowed in other areas besides daily necessities, but some locations are still close.

What is allowed/opened in unlock 3.0?

  • For the first time after a lockdown in place, the government allowed the yoga facility and gymnasium to be reopened on Wednesday, August 5, but with proper protection (mask and Disinfectant).
  • The curfew has been deleted. In other words, there are no restrictions on people moving at night.
  • There are no restrictions on the movement of people and goods between and within nations.
  • independence Day Functionality is allowed, but social distances are still strictly protected.
  • International air travel for passengers is permitted, but access is restricted.

What is still closed in Unlock 3.0?

• Schools, universities, coaching centers and other educational institutions will be closed until August 31st.

• Metro service will not be available until August 31st.

• Cinema halls, assembly halls, pools, bars, theaters and auditoriums remain closed.

• No social, political, recreational, academic, religious, occasional or family meetings or other large gatherings are permitted. Still, only a well-protected group of 15-20 members is allowed.

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With Unlock 3.0, it is recommended that people under quarantine, children over the age of 65, children under 10 and pregnant women stay home and come out only when needed.

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