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News18 Telugu – Russia very sad 43-year-old engineer dhimithri died of heart attack in visakhapatnam | Engineer Dimitri dies in Visakhapatnam. Tragedy in Russia. What has happened so far?


The unexpected change in the navy at Visakhapatnam was fraught with great tragedy. A technical error has occurred on a key Indian Navy submarine. It has been difficult to detect that error for a few days. Many engineers tried but could not detect faults in the submarine. The authorities entrusted the task to Grachav Dimitri, who had the most experience in this regard. However, he suffered a heart attack while repairing the submarine and collapsed on the spot. The surveillance staff immediately took him to INS Kalyani Hospital. Dimitri died while receiving treatment there. This is a tragedy not only for the Indian Navy but also for Russia.

Engineers’ attempts to rectify the submarine’s defects failed and Grachav Dmitry, a 43-year-old experienced engineer, was deported from Russia to Visakhapatnam. Dimitri arrived in Visakhapatnam on February 27 at the call of the authorities. Live in Quarters in the Dolphin Hills area of ​​Yarada. However, with the death of the engineer who came to correct the symbolic defects of our ship .. The navy suffered a great tragedy. Authorities immediately reported the matter to family members in Russia.

The Indian Navy submarine ship is usually repaired by local engineers for technical failures. But some ships require specialized expertise to repair technical defects. As part of this, he had to be extradited from Russia. Dimitri arrived in Visakhapatnam and concentrated for 24 hours on correcting technical problems. The tragedy came at a time when he thought his work would be done soon. He was in the process of repairing the ship when it suddenly collapsed. Malkapuram CI Kuna Durgaprasad is being investigated according to the complaint from naval officers. All details are being collected from the authorities and investigated

Navy officials mourned his death. He came to India and said that he was saddened by the loss of his life, held the funeral with all the formalities and thanked the engineer. The superiors immediately provided all the details of the tragic incident and the Russian army provided them with information.

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First published:March 27, 2021, 1:03 pm IS

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