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Newsmax App Downloaded 2 Million Times

Newsmax app has been downloaded 2 million instances

Newsmax viewership has skyrocketed pursuing Trump Biden’s controversial elections and controversial consequences. Tens of millions of persons are leaving Fox Information.

One more indication of that escape: The Newsmax app was downloaded additional than 2 million instances in November.

Among November 1st and November 13th, the app was downloaded approximately 1.4 million moments, according to an evaluation from Apple’s App Shop portal. The app was downloaded to in excess of 700,000 Android devices this month.

Newsmax’s totally free apps are distinctive to the Apple Apple iphone Application Retailer.

As of Thursday afternoon, Newsmax was shown next in the news category.

The app was stated in the fourth slot of the most downloaded totally free app, in advance of Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

The Newsmax app is readily available on all smartphone retailers on the two Apple iphone and Android devices.

Compared with Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, which call for a subscription, this application provides no cost streaming with simple obtain to Newsmax Television set devoid of paywalls or registration.

The recent surge in attractiveness of this app has attracted the attention of other media companies this kind of as: Newsweek And New York Occasions.

Newsmax TV’s standing soared throughout the presidential election.

On election night, more than 6 million viewers watched Newsmax protection by means of regular Television set or OTT gadgets.

In accordance to Nielsen, Newsmax’s publish-election score outperforms both equally Fox Organization and CNBC just about each and every day.

If you want to check out Newsmax Tv set anytime, anyplace, down load the App from your smartphone now.

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