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Next-generation launch titles Ryse and (God) fall


AI fall in love with this place a little as the sunlight pierces the tree limits and breaks through the tightly sewn canopy of bright red leaves.

It’s an alien at the same time, like the school corridor you went to long ago, but it’s a little familiar. And as I sprint through this world, I collect plunders with fun and exciting names like “Injected Jasper” and “Sunsteel”-my eyes the majesty of the wreckage of huge and huge structures. It is drawn more upward than ever to fully incorporate. A cracked stone pillar is lazyly tilted to one side. I know someone cares about this place, at least long ago, because the walls have very gorgeous patterns and sometimes golden statues are set on the stones.who Really I was concerned about it.

Other areas have smooth, highly polished holes in polished metal, gold and brass. Others still take me under the sea and into an aquamarine-ish world. It’s a seascape full of color, light and texture, and a little devilish bastard is about to kill you.

Godfall. Credits: Counterplay Games

I ran around and spent a lot of time GodfallI was fascinated by the vaulted ceiling and the crumbling ruins.It’s a game achievement to have enough time to absorb some of its glorious world during the stinging sequence, but by the time it passes through the first realm, it’s as beautiful as it is, just not enough. I have a persistent feeling that there is no Do here. By the time you finish the second realm, you certainly know it: Godfall It may be gorgeous, but snoring is a festival.

Naturally, GodfallThere are all styles and small entities of I wasn’t excited The same is true for players and critics.More than just a tech demo showing what’s going on is now the protagonist PS5 Visually possible rather than mechanical, slightly reminiscent Rice: Roman son, Release title that won the same type Slimy Reception when it was one Xbox OneLaunch game is 7 years ago.

That’s really disappointing. Because, beyond a couple of cute platformers, Astro playroom And Sackboy: Great Adventure – By the way, both are ace and are perfectly worth your time – and great Demon’s Soul We’ll remaster it on the PS5, but for those of us who are lucky enough to have one of the next-generation consoles on the release date, there aren’t many console-only games. But given that it doesn’t seem to undermine the demand for new systems (don’t let me start bloody) Scalper), Is it possible that the luck and failure of the new system is no longer determined by the power of its first day and even first year lineup?

Sackboy: Great Adventure
Sackboy: A big adventure.Credit Sumo Digital

I used to This time I feel the next generation jump..There was a considerable shift towards remastering the iconic game, but I yet I can’t completely believe one of my first loves, MedievilleOnly last year, I was treated as a remaster – for those of us who have moved from one generation to the next, we’ve learned a difficult way that switching often means leaving your favorite game behind.When you pack your luggage Xbox 360 I knew I couldn’t play to make room for the new shiny Xbox One. Halo 4 Again, that was fine. Halo 5: Guardians It was on the way.Loss was always mitigated by something new, something excitement Better..

It feels a little different this time.And I don’t just mean a delay Halo Infinite Like many other games scheduled for release this year, the schedule has been changed under the influence of COVID-19. Even if there is no delay, it seems that the monopoly of the next generation is decreasing this time, but more surprisingly, I am starting to think that it is not a big problem anymore.

thanks to Sony And Microsoft By doubling our efforts to achieve true backward compatibility for the next generation, we can unleash many of its features, including enhanced graphics and faster game loading. already In your collection. Developers and publishers are working to ensure that most games span both the final and next generations. For example, some games start playing vast open world RPGs on Xbox One and Xbox One. PS4 Updating your hardware will probably allow you to upgrade to the next generation version for free.

Added Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – a premium subscription service that offers hundreds of games, old and new. All of these can be played in new games. Xbox series S / X – And you might start to understand why a strong day lineup is probably no longer needed.It’s painful, but I’m waiting for a game that truly demonstrates the power of the next generation in terms of style. And Entity … Well, at least there’s a lot to play in the meantime, right?

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