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Next-generation top-of-the-range Snapdragon at 4nm and with ARMv9 |  Rumor

Next-generation top-of-the-range Snapdragon at 4nm and with ARMv9 | Rumor

There are several advances in the First-generation next-gen Qualcomm SoC, thanks to veteran Evan “@evleaks” Blass – Highlights include quiz production at 4 nm and the adoption ofArmV9 architecture unveiled just a few weeks ago. For reference, the successor to the current “king” Snapdragon 888 should be presented by the end of the year more precisely in early December during the Snapdragon Technology Summit, following tradition; it should appear on the first smartphones a few weeks later.

The chip should be based on the platform with with code name SM8450. The transition to 4nm is very interesting news, corroborating the theory that TSMC could actually go ahead and launch the new production process. before your own schedule.

As for the transition to the ArmV9 architecture, it was actually pretty obvious; Blass says Qualcomm’s custom cores will be called the Kryo 780, compared to the 680 in the S888. Three cores based on the new architecture were introduced: the high-end X2, the high-power Cortex-A710s, and the energy-saving Cortex-A510s. Translated into Qualcomm’s marketing language, they should correspond respectively to Kryo 780 Prime, Kryo 780 Gold and Kryo 780 Silver, with the classic 1-3-4 “formation”.

The modem will be Snapdragon X65 5G presented last February, against the X60 found in the S888. Like the main processor, the modem must be based on a 4nm process. Qualcomm promises up to 1 GHz downlink with the 5G mmWave protocol, and up to 400 MHz in the case of the slower, but much more popular Sub-6. Below is a fairly substantial list of other updated components, about which, however, information is scant; We list below to complete:

  • Graphics processor: Adreno 730 (Adreno 660 in S888)
  • ISP: Spectra 680 (Spectra 580 su S888)
  • VPU (Video Processing Unit): Adreno 665
  • DPU (Display Processing Unit): Adreno 1195
  • SPU (Secure Processing Unit): SPU260
  • Support for:
    • RAM LPDDR5, four-channel, pack-on-pack
    • Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9380 / WDC9385 Audio Codec (as in S888)
    • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth subsystem: FastConnect 6900 (same as S888)
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