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Nexus Mods bans "US political mods" until the next president takes office

Nexus Mods bans “US political mods” until the next president takes office

Nexus Mods Is a large site with the simple motto “Host if you can change it”. This will be 276,000 files hosted in about 1,100 games, created by 113,000 authors with 23 million members who downloaded 4.2 billion files from the site. It’s an important part of the mod scene, to say the least.

The disadvantage of using such a large and accessible system is that it is not easy to moderate. Nexus Mod admins also call it “a large number of provocative and troll mods have been uploaded based on current socio-political issues in the United States.”They imposed Site-wide ban For all “political reforms of the United States,” at least until the elections are settled and a new president takes office.