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NFT and Online Casinos: How New Technology Penetrates Gambling


The actual problem of the online gaming industry is the level of trust. There are always doubts about the honesty of the players’ results who prefer land-based gambling establishments, although there is the possibility to take control of the process. Lottery Finder SA gives information on best lottery sites to play. The emergence of new technologies makes adjustments to this issue, expanding the possibilities for players.

NFT slots and their features

NFT slot is a decentralized application based on blockchain. Its modules are distributed across multiple servers, which makes them absolutely impartial due to the lack of centralized access to program codes. Even though Zodiac Casino reviewed by the link and most alternatives still don’t provide NFT slots, their popularity is growing. The main feature of the NFT slot is the inability to make adjustments to its work in order to change the RTP of the emulator. As for the advantages of NFT machines, they relate to:

  • guaranteed honesty of the game process – the devices operate in the independent mode;
  • absolute confidentiality – the technology involves replacing the notorious data of each player with an abstract sequence of bytes;
  • complete security – blockchains cannot be hacked, and so far no one has succeeded.

Among the additional benefits is the guaranteed payment of received winnings. The work of slots is organized through special smart contacts. All payments are made automatically by the blockchain platform, which minimizes any involvement in the process.

There is only one drawback of the technology – an increased period of time spent on processing. This is due to the fact that the program modules are located on different servers and more time is required for them to authorize payments. This disadvantage is easily eliminated through the use of powerful processors.

The operation principle of NFT slots

NFT pokies work in a certain way, which includes the following:

  • formation of an RNG sequence. This applies to numbers on online casino roulette, distribution of cards in poker, or symbols used for slots;
  • data transfer to the cloud;
  • processing the received sequence of numbers and placing the results represented by the hash function in the blockchain;
  • extraction of data converted into roulette numbers, symbols, or cards when the machines are launched.

The use of technology completely excludes the influence of third parties on the gameplay. In this case, the online casino is an intermediary, it makes a profit, but it does not have access to blockchains, where the winnings and the results of rounds are stored. What the casino is capable of is attaching its own bonuses in the form of free spins and cash prizes to specific NFT slots.

Now, not all gaming platforms use such technologies, and the NFT slots market is at the stage of active development. Penetrating the world of gambling, this technology has many benefits for players. Firstly, it increases the level of trust in online gaming establishments. Secondly, it provides transparency to both the gameplay and payout processes. Thirdly, for large online platforms and sites, this is an ideal opportunity to improve their reputation and confirm the honesty of transactions.

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