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NHL21 patch notes released for today’s update, and it’s a big one


A new patch will be available on NHL21 on November 5th, which is a big patch. The latest updates to PS4 and Xbox One include a series of changes to gameplay, physics, goalkeepers, and AI, as well as many improvements to various modes such as Be A Pro, Hut Rush, and World of Chel. I will.

The AI ​​changes will make computer-controlled skaters more skilled, with improved coverage for weak side defenders in front of the net and better defensive positioning when defending against rush. When it comes to common gameplay changes, players should expect to struggle to score goals when taking shots from “non-ideal” locations. In addition, the puck pickup animation has been improved online, dealing with tall players having difficulty picking up pucks.

For presentations, the Arizona Coyote, Calgary Flames, and Ottawa Senators center ice layouts have been updated to include a range of new uniforms covering NHL teams and various international leagues.

See the full NHL21 patch notes below. EA posted on its website.. The game does not get its own next generation version. However, this may change in next year’s game.

In other news, retro-style NHL94 rewind mode is now available for those who pre-ordered with NHL21-Here’s everything you need to know. NHL 21 does not get a dedicated version on PS5 or Xbox Series X, but backward compatibility allows it to play on both consoles.

NHL 211 November 5th Patch Note



  • Updated the impact on shot quality of shots taken from non-ideal shot locations (reach and close-fitting shots)
  • Fixed a specific case where a penalty shot was called even though the player wasn’t taking a clean break
  • Fixed pickup consistency while the puck is around the net and goalkeeper
  • Fixed some specific pickups where tall players had problems picking up pucks
  • Fixed some cases where the reviewed goal was overwriting the goalkeeper’s interference situation
  • Fixed a case where a player was unable to return to the ice after receiving an accidental rough penalty


  • Fixed a case where stick-on-stick contact was not recognized
  • Fixed placement of various post whistles and scrum players
  • Fixed various cases where players unintentionally lose pucks when blending animations
  • Fixed some cases where collisions along the board lead to no hit response or less than expected response
  • Fixed the puck to pass under / through blocks that could pass


  • Improved animation for various goalkeeper stances
  • Added butterfly proximity gloves for old school goalkeeper stance
  • Various goalkeeper save animation improvements
  • Coordinated goalkeeper redirects to avoid rare conflicts that can redirect the puck from itself
  • Improvements for saving human goalkeeper choices
  • Reduced the chance that the AI ​​goalkeeper will trigger a preemptive desperate save when there is still time to return to position
  • General tweaks to how AI goalkeepers track pucks
  • Improvements to various pack covers
  • Fixed an issue where the goalkeeper would occasionally spin when trying to cover on ice


  • Improved some defensive AI gap control cases while protecting yourself from the rush
  • Fixed a case where the pack carrier could split the defense while the defender was rushing to switch coverage
  • Improved weakside defender coverage in front of the net
  • Fixed an issue where players might choose to start a net battle after starting interception, unintentionally passing the puck

Training camp

  • Added video to training camp for new decks introduced this year


  • Fixed an issue where the screen would tear at certain camera angles in different arenas
  • Tuning of various cameras
  • Add replay to pause menu
  • Added the ability to skip NIS in Rounds 1 and 2 of Eliminator Three
  • Update the bench camera in Be a Pro to see the action better

CHEL world


  • A history screen for the EASHL club finals has been added to showcase the top teams for each WoC season.
  • Added content to WoC for future Chel challenges.Check back often to collect the latest cool new content


  • Fixed an issue where the game could soft rock if an opponent suddenly ended after the match started
  • Fixed a rare hang during the EASHL game intro NIS
  • Fixed an issue where users could crash on the post-game screen
  • Fixed a rare crash that sometimes occurs when trying to leave the dressing room after a match
  • Fixed a rare issue where users would hang in the dressing room of the Threes Eliminator Club
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the title to hang during the intro of a 3v3 drop-in game
  • Fixed an issue where the dressing room host would be removed from the dressing room when the opponent’s team backed out on the match screen.
  • Fixed an issue where user skaters on the same EASHL drop-in team could pull the user goalkeeper at any point in the game
  • Fixed an issue where Club Pants & Socks were not displaying the correct club colors in the post-match dressing room
  • Fixed an issue where player stamina and traits / specialties overlapped with goal scorer overlays
  • Fixed an issue where team overlays overlapped round overlays in Threes Eliminator
  • Fixed player models and game screen players with duplicate player names at the end of the game
  • Fixed an issue where the championship jersey jersey number was 20 instead of 21
  • Fixed an issue where gloves were not equipped on the second glove change in the Creation Zone
  • Fixed an issue where the custom logo and center iceline would not be displayed during games in the user arena
  • Fixed an issue where the Club Custom Iceline was showing up in the Club Final Arena
  • Fixed an issue where the club’s default search settings would not be carried over to the dressing room matchmaking settings
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s total EASHL goals would be displayed as a combination of goals and assists during the game intro NIS
  • Fixed an issue where opponents’ names would be cut off in the Pro-Am Dressing Room
  • Fixed an issue with the placement of the Ones Eliminator player list in abuse reports
  • Fixed an issue where the player progress screen would call the XP received from the Chel Challenge card a rank reward.
  • Added 1000 comma delimiters to the player overview screen to make the player rank more readable
  • To make it easier to read experience points, 1000 comma delimiters have been added to the end-of-game screen when users exceed 1,000 XP.


  • Fixed an issue where the Defender was not displaying the correct line chemistry value.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Scouting would not rope in the outlook for early rounds.
  • Fixes an issue where the goalkeeper filter was not displayed when assigning a scout.
  • Fixed an issue where the LD and C labels were incorrect on the row edit screen.

Become a professional

  • Suspected of fixing an issue where the user’s BAP player’s stamina does not decrease on ice.
  • Added to certain promises in neutral countries. For example, if a user promises to be one star in the game, the user will be penalized for good performance but not reaching their goal. I used to fail and get full punishment.
  • Added to trade request conversations accessible on the main hub of the user-initiated conversations tab.
  • Updates salary benefits that are added to new conversations and recur when they expire.
  • Added the ability to edit shot and skate styles after creating a BAP.
  • Updated the user experience on the training screen.
  • Various other modifications to the conversation.



  • Removed automatic pop-up when entering line editing before proceeding to the game
  • Press the Menu / Options button to go to the game from editing the line
  • Various bug fixes and visual tweaks to base and prime time items

Hat rush

  • Fixed an issue where players would see the results of the previous game they played after their opponent disconnected
  • Fixed an issue where the goal banner was displayed at the end of the HUT Rush Threes game
  • Fixed an issue in HUT Rush Threes where the goal banner for game victory goals was not displayed at the end of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the two actions displayed simultaneously in the point ticker had the wrong display name
  • Fixed an issue where the game could continue without selecting a side after disconnecting the controller
  • Fixed an issue where the camera could zoom in too much during the intro / outro of a 5v5 game

HUT rival

  • Fixed an issue where only 1 pack of perks would be displayed per rank

HUT Challenges

  • Fixed an issue where the target would appear to be visually unlocked (while already unlocked)

Play friends

  • Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed when a player tried to join Play a Friend Game as a third player


  • Fixed an issue where the option to filter auctions by purchase price was missing now


  • Fixed an issue where duplicate icons did not exist in duplicate players

Player editing

  • Fixed an editing player where overalls are displayed consistently between the creation zone and the menu.


Center ice change

The following Center Ice layouts have been updated.


  • Arizona Coyote
  • Calgary Flames
  • Ottawa Senators


The following uniforms have been added or updated in NHL21


  • Arizona Coyote Home
  • Calgary Flames Home, Away, Alternate
  • Ottawa Senators Home and Away
  • Vegas Golden Knights Alternate


  • Greenville Swamp Rabbits Home, Away, Alternate
  • Main Mariners Alternate


  • Djurgården Hockey Home and Away
  • Farjestads BK Home and Away
  • Örebro Hockey Home, Away, Alternate
  • RogleBK Home and Away
  • SkellefteaAIK Home and Away


  • KalPaKuopio Home and Away
  • Mikkeli Jukurit Home and Away
  • Saipa Home and Away
  • TPS Turku Home and Away


  • Dorn Billund Bulldog Home and Away
  • EC-KAC Home and Away
  • ECVSV Home and Away
  • EC Red Bull Salzburg Home and Away
  • EHC Linz Home and Away
  • Hydro Fehervar AV19 Home and Away
  • HCTWK Innsbruck Home and Away
  • Graz 99ers Home and Away
  • SPUSU Vienna Capitals Home and Away
  • HCB Sudtirol Alperia Home and Away


  • Almstuna IS Home and Away
  • BIK Karlskoga Home and Away
  • HC Vita Hasten Home and Away
  • For Bjorkloven Home and Away
  • Kristianstads IK Home and Away
  • MODO Hockey Home and Away
  • Mora IK Home and Away
  • Södertälier SK Home and Away
  • Timrå IK Home and Away
  • Ting Slude AIF Home and Away
  • Vasteras IK Home and Away


  • EHC Beer Home and Away
  • EV Zug Home and Away
  • HC Ambri-Piotta Home and Away
  • HC Davos Home and Away
  • HC Fribourg-Gotteron Home and Away
  • HC Lugano Home and Away
  • Geneva-Servette HC Home and Away
  • Lausanne HC Home and Away
  • SC Bern Home and Away
  • SCL Tigers Home and Away
  • Rapperswil-Jona Lakers Home and Away
  • ZSC Lions Home and Away


Improvement points

  • 2016-17 Fixed an issue where the Detroit Red Wings Home Jersey was stretching numbers and letters
  • Florida Panthers scoreboard and power ring video art updated
  • Updated All-Star Team Arena to Enterprise Center in St. Louis
  • Fixed an issue where the International Goal crease was displayed in the All Stars Home Arena and the trapezoid was missing.

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