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NieR Re[in]The carnation has an official release date for the West.

After the recent arrival of NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139… Fans are now looking forward to the much sought after mobile chapter of the series. In fact, NieR Re[in]carnation brings the popular JRPG franchise to mobile devices. NieR Re[in]The carnation made its debut in Japan earlier this year, and Western audiences have been waiting for it to make its way overseas ever since. Well it looks like the wait is over thank you. According to the exclusive IGN report, the game will arrive for free on Android and iOS on July 28.. In case you do not resemble the title in question: it is a new game in which Yoko Taro, the creator of the series, has worked Deny. While it will be a free game, it will feature Gacha-style microtransactions, with players able to acquire resources and characters through real-world currency.

Users can pre-enroll for Nier Re[in]carnation in the United States and Europe right now. If 300,000 players then pre-register, Square Enix has promised to give them 3,000 gems when the game starts, which can be used to acquire new summons. In addition, the developer has published a video that highlights the gameplay of the spin-off, the world and the typical cryptic narrative.. As in previous trailers, the clip details the story of a mysterious girl who awakens in a mystical land called “The Cage.” Players will be able to explore this world by sailing alongside a spooky companion named Mommy. The opening video details some of these locations, which will be very familiar to those who have played previous games of Deny. The new clip also focuses on combat by highlighting a series of battles against various enemies. It also relies on a more appropriate combat system for its mobile design. Up to three characters can take on enemies in turn-based battles, and players can select when to intervene with special moves. Below you can see the video in question, enjoy it!

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