Sent this Tuesday Mockingbird developer reflection games an invite to IGN Fanfest 2022. During the event on February 19 there will also be an interview with Inflexion Games CEO Aaryn Flynna and Art and Audio Director Neil Thompson. In the invitation, the developer promises interested players new and interesting insights into the new survival game.

So far, the game has only been roughly described when it was unveiled during previous Game Awards. We’ve rounded up more details in our big Nightingale announcement. Now there should be more information about the game for the first time.

With the invite, Inflexion Games also showed off some other concept art. This features a giant, a so-called Nightingale Hill Giant. These seem to be very unpredictable, so the developers give us a picture along the way: “Giants aren’t always that warm when they first appear.” In the image you can see a giant and how he is sparing a group of heroes. The concept art also shows the truly gigantic proportions of the giant compared to a human.

Hill Giant Nightingale:

Launch of the nightingale?

The interview is exciting because it is also very possible that we can get more details about the launch nightingale Arrive. Currently, the game is probably still in a very early stage, so we are now being shown “only” concept drawings, but Inflexion Games had announced that there would be early access or at least a public test of Nightingale for this year. An announcement that further narrows Nightingale’s release is not that unlikely. So let’s cross our fingers! We will keep you informed.