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Niko Kovac (Monaco): "I like how Real Sociedad play"

Niko Kovac (Monaco): “I like how Real Sociedad play”

“Real Sociedad is an impressive team in midfield. How do you plan to counter it? Densifying this sector?
I wouldn’t say that the strength of this team only concerns the midfielders. When I look at the Real Sociedad squad, I tell myself that, anyway, we can only win if we work as a team. We must be having a really good day. It is an international match.

I’m hoping my team is strong enough to be competitive in these types of matches. As for Real Sociedad, I like the way they play, with and without the ball. I also see a lot of similarities with us when they don’t have the ball, they are also very aggressive.

Mikel Oyarzabal is the leader of this team. What do you think about him ?
Of course, he is a very important player on this team. He played the Euro, the Olympics. He is an idol here. He is capable of changing the pace of the meeting, of making a difference. I hope we can stop it tomorrow, but it will definitely require some energy.

Real Sociedad has nine absent players …
We know that they have injured players, but that does not prevent them from finishing second in the Championship. We have to respect this team. In the preseason, we had faced them before, but we were missing players and they were missing, so it will be another game.

Krépin Diatta was absent from Clermont due to the medical protocol that followed his concussion against Graz. Is he available?
Krépin is fit to play. It’s totally fine now. “