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Nintendo comments on possible backward compatibility of Nintendo Switch successors – ntower


While all GameBoy games can be played on the GameBoy Advance, the theme is backward compatibility It has only been a problem on Nintendo’s home systems since the Wii. The first generation of the innovative console was able to play GameCube games. The Wii U, on the other hand, was able to launch Wii titles. With the Nintendo Switch, however, there was another hard cut; only hybrid console titles will play on the system. But how do you see the future? This question was asked by an investor, Shigeru Miyamoto, at the last investor meeting. According to the shareholder, it might be easier to keep this feature on the successor to the Nintendo Switch, thanks in part to Nintendo Accounts. Now you can find Miyamoto’s answer in this article.


In the past, we developed a service called Virtual Console that allows gamers to play classic games on newer hardware. In terms of compatibility, visual content has an advantage because you can enjoy it continuously as long as you have a suitable playback environment. However, visual content rights can be quite complicated, which is why I mentioned earlier that Nintendo is very strict on the subject. In the past, software for specific video game systems was implemented in development environments for the respective hardware platform. This meant that these environments could not be taken with a hardware change and it became impossible to play software released for older hardware without making changes. However, a way has now been found to successively integrate these development environments. So, in general, it has become easier to implement an environment where software built for old hardware runs on new hardware.

That said, it remains true that Nintendo’s strength lies in developing new entertainment offerings, which means that when we launch new hardware in the future, we want to continue to offer new and unique gameplay that wouldn’t be feasible on existing hardware.

Would you be happy if the successor to the Nintendo Switch could play hybrid console titles?

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