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Nintendo Switch, how long can it last? The words of the company

Now him Nintendo switch turned four, a lot for a console. Given this duration, it is important to talk about how much you can continue to support with new games. Not all users will be wondering, but some will be asking so much that the president of the company himself wanted to clarify the matter.

The main problem with a console is thehardware aging. It is difficult to continue offering valid games when the computing power is from previous generations. Said this, the switch is portable And this allows Nintendo to be lighter with games because consumers do not expect a result similar to that of next generation computers or consoles.

Switch sales continue at a fast pace and before long, at least according to the various leaked information, it should arrive a Pro version. These two aspects make it easy to assume that Nintendo has no plans to drop support anytime soon. The life of this console is still long, but as long as valid content is offered on an ongoing basis.

Nintendo Switch: the words of President Shuntaro Furukawa

“For our company, it is an important issue what we should do when it passes its fifth year and the hardware life cycle lengthens. As for the lifespan of the Switch, I often say that it has entered its middle phase more or less. We are able to extend the life cycle. Currently, Switch sales are extremely favorable and the results are good too, but I don’t feel comfortable. No matter the hits, in the entertainment world, people lose interest one day. You have to offer new surprises for new customers and if not, existence can fall into darkness at any moment. I always feel this kind of anguish.