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Nintendo Switch Sports: Missing wrist strap leads to dangerous Joy-Con projectile – ntower

Today in ntower we can once again present you a story from the world of video games, which is wonderful. weird it is. As a disciple of Nintendo, gamers have been vehemently pointed out since the Wii days that the wristbands with the Wii Remotes of that era, as well as the Joy-Cons of today, it should always be put on to avoid any damage. However, Youtuber 63man has consistently ignored this clue and now has to live with the consequences.

So I wanted release nintendo switch sports He properly celebrated with a live stream on Twitch and really worked hard. Probably a bit too neat if you look at the following clip. During a tennis match, he swings his arm so roughly that the Joy-Con slips out of his hand and the bottom corner of your TV satisfies. It immediately shows the consequences of this Joy-Con projectile: the impact destroyed part of the TV.

If you haven’t put on your wristbands correctly yet, you can get illustrated instructions from Nintendo. here on the Wii Remote and here to the Joy-Con watch.

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