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Nintendo Switch Sports: sweat, exercise and lots of fun

The competition can begin! Nintendo Switch Sports allows you to compete against each other. Source: Nintendo

nintendo switch sports it has appeared. The lively fitness game takes you to Spocco Square. This place is the starting point for your future sports activities. Here you select one of the six sports in the game. In soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, and Chanbara stick sword fighting, players now swing, punch, and kick their way to victory with their Joy-Con controllers. In the fall, a free software update will add golf as the seventh sport. You can play alone or with other players in local or online co-op.

sport that connects

Esports is aimed at all gamers, even those who have never held a controller in their hands. They can be played alone or with family or friends, either through the console’s local or online connection. Online matches are also possible against randomly selected opponents from around the world. Particularly ambitious athletes can also move up to the particularly challenging Pro League in any sport.

The Nintendo Switch sports trailer shows how the new fitness game works:

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Sports action is possible thanks to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, thanks to which the movements of the players are reflected in the game. This allows them to spin a bowling ball, slice a tennis ball, or even kick a soccer ball into the net in shootout mode. For the latter, one of the Joy-Cons connects to a leg strap included with the physical version of the game. If you choose the digital version, you can purchase the leg strap separately, or if you already have Ring Fit Adventure in your home, simply use the leg strap from this set.

even more football

A free software update planned for this summer will allow the leg strap to be used in the other soccer game modes as well.

Nintendo Switch Sports players are represented by their very own Sportsmate, who they can customize and customize. In return, they collect points in random online matches, which they redeem for clothing, sports equipment, and other rewards for their Sportsmates. The selection of new items changes every week. Players can also send Mii characters stored on their Nintendo Switch console to the sports field.

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