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Nintendo's Big Super Mario 35 Plan May Be Five Months Late

Nintendo’s Big Super Mario 35 Plan May Be Five Months Late

As you already know, Nintendo Fast-paced, full-fat, Mario-themed Nintendo Direct Last week, we’ll share your favorite plumber’s 35th anniversary plan. Actually, it’s been a long time since Super Mario 3D All Star And other bits and Bob Started appearing in March as early as.

Today, fans have discovered details of an event originally planned to be held internally since the removal of some of Nintendo’s official website. Super mario maker 2 April 14th, five months ahead of last week’s 35th anniversary announcement.

Archived version of the page will still be found here, I got the following screenshot.

The deleted website looks like this
The deleted website looks like this

As you can see, it refers to the Ninjutsu Speed ​​Run Course. Exactly the same course It was announced directly during last week. If the news was pushed back five months ago, was another big Mario announcement originally slated to arrive much earlier this year?

That’s likely, and it’s quite understandable when the coronavirus pandemic affects all walks of life, forcing companies like Nintendo to change their plans and practices.

Hey, at least that’s all for now.

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