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Nintendo's Misleading Quiz for Game Fans - TECHBOOK

Nintendo’s Misleading Quiz for Game Fans – TECHBOOK

Mario, Pokémon and company.

The Japanese gaming giant has created iconic characters in equal measure as consoles. But how well do you know Mario and company? Try our Nintendo quiz.

Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and many more – these names evoke many nostalgic feelings. Nintendo has clearly shaped the gaming landscape. Almost everyone has had contact with the Japanese company at some point, if only because there was almost a collision with a “Pokémon GO” enthusiast. Test your knowledge of the cult group in our TECHBOOK quiz on Nintendo.

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Nintendo is synonymous with a lot of fun in games

Even if Nintendo has been shaking up the gaming landscape since the ’70s, the group is far from old-fashioned. Consoles like Nintendo Switch or new games like “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” are proof of this. And did you know that the company was also involved in big hits from other studios like “Final Fantasy VII”? The most important characteristic of Nintendo has always been family friendship. Colorful game worlds and games that can always be played together and interactive are the prerequisite for this.

But if you are more of a fan of Disney or even Harry Potter, then why not try to solve difficult questions about Frozen, Disney princesses and Hogwarts school subjects? TRAVEL BOOK on.