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Nintendo's profits are skyrocketing 200% as switch sales continue to skyrocket

Nintendo’s profits are skyrocketing 200% as switch sales continue to skyrocket

Kyoto-based company Said Operating income for the first half of the year, which ended in September, increased 209% year-on-year to 291.4 billion yen ($ 2.8 billion). Sales increased 73% to 769.5 billion yen ($ 7.4 billion).

Success shows that people are still making a fuss about Switch game consoles months after the pandemic. Nintendo sold approximately 12.5 million devices from April to September, an increase of 81% over the previous year.

“The strong sales momentum continues after the summer sale season,” Nintendo said. presentation To investors.

The company raised its Switch sales forecast on Thursday, forecasting a surge in the fiscal year ending in March. We now expect sales of 24 million units, up from the previous forecast of 19 million units. The company’s profits are expected to surge by as much as 50%.

One of the notable successes “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” Best-selling game, Set in a relaxing virtual island of Utopia Also, users have been in high demand since fishing on the beach, finding bugs, playing with friends, running on switches, and people around the world staying home due to the coronavirus crisis. There is.
Nintendo has sold 14.3 million games in six months, with total sales of about 26 million. By the way, Nintendo’s best-selling switch game “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” has arrived. Almost 29 million amount of sales.

Other titles also helped boost the company’s software sales until September.

More than 5.2 million copies, according to Nintendo “Super Mario 3D All Stars” A special game released in September to celebrate Mario’s 35th birthday has been sold so far. “Paper Mario Origami King” A recently launched role-playing game based on the Nintendo 64 Classic has generated over 2.8 million sales.

Demand for Switch games from other video game developers is also “steadily growing,” the company said. He added that this year’s fiscal year was very strong and there are currently 20 different switch titles that have sold at least 1 million copies.

However, competition can quickly become fierce. Sony (((SNE) And Microsoft (((MSFT) both With the release of a new game console In the next few days: Playstation 5 And Xbox series X..
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