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NL Cy Young Update: Can Darvish Hold DeGrom?


Mets Ace Jacob Deglom Strongly promoting his third consecutive National League Sai Young Awards, but cubs Dervish Off, Arizona rookie Zach Gallen I was impressed.

Let’s take a look at the current situation where the rest of the season is less than a month.

Jacob Deglom

Goes to his third straight and recently he’s out of hand. His 1.69 ERA ranked him second in the NL and second in the 0.875 WHIP, with 70 strikes leading the league.

Mets pulled up deGrom until it started on Friday. So he should get four more starts in this short season. He currently has 48 innings and is out of the top 10.

It’s amazing to think “how does Jacob de Grom get better”, but his ERA, WHIP, H/9, and K/9 are all career bests.


Darvish now looks like a front runner, even though deGrom is the dominant champion. His 1.44 ERA is leading the league as is his 7.84 K/BB and his 2.2 WPA. His 2.6 bWAR ranks third in the league, which makes him a significant difference in the season shorter than de Grom’s 1.8.

Right-handed is right behind deGrom, his 0.88 WHIP and his 2.02 FIP have the best league relations with deGrom.

Darvish plans to pitch to Reds and more towards 2020 tonight Sai Young Are expected Trevor Bauer..

Trevor Bauer

This season, the right winner has two full game shutouts and one National League left. But he has an ERA of 4.08 in the last three starts, and this type of run in the short season could be a killer.

Overall, he leads the NL with his 0.864 WHIP and 5.1 H/9 and the 2.05 ERA is fourth. He is also NL’s second-best strike pitcher (after deGrom0, 12.5 strikes per 9 innings).

As mentioned above, he will take on the Darvish in Chicago tonight.

Max Fried

The young man certainly appeared to be a finalist before he announced Wednesday that he was on the injured list with a left muscle cramp. The Braves want it to be a short stint, but missing one start can certainly hurt his chances.

Left-handers lead all NL pitchers with a b2.8 of 2.8, third in the fangraph WAR calculation after Darvish (2.1) and deGrom (2.0). His 1.98 ERA put him in third place behind the two pitchers mentioned earlier.

The 26-year-old isn’t in the top ten on strikes or limiting walks, but the 1.06 WHIP is eighth.

Zack Wheeler

Skip this part, Brody.

Former Met is one of the NL’s best pitchers of the season, with his 2.4 bWAR ranking fourth behind Galen, Darvish and Fried. His 2.47 ERA is in 8th place and his 1.10 WHIP is in 10th place.

Wheeler threw 51 innings to fifth in the league, but, strangely enough, there are only 36 strikes. The main reason Wheeler has been successful in 2020 is that it limits walks at the elite level. His 1.59 BB/9 is fourth in the league.

Philles didn’t announce a starter last Wednesday, and Wheeler last played against Mets on Monday.

Zach Gallen

Obviously a lesser-known name for the entire group, the 25-year-old is the second among NL pitchers with a bWAR of 2.6, and that number only tracks injured Fried.

Diamondback newcomers were 2.29 ERA (7th) and 0.98 WHIP (7th) with a 2nd draw on a 60 inning pitch.

Gallen has just started the worst of the season Monday night, allowing the Giants four runs in five innings.

Other notes

Cy Young three times winner Max Shurzer Ranked 5th in the 2.1 bWAR on the NL, his 3.40 ERA isn’t in the top 10, nor is it a 1.33 WHIP.

Phillies right handed Aaron Nora ERA is 2.74 and his 1.9 bWAR is 6th in NL. It is also ranked 5th at 12.22 K/9 and 6th at 0.95 WHIP.

Padres has two pitchers in the top 10 of ERA, Kyle Davis 5th place in 2.23, Dinson Lamet 2.24 right behind him. Lamet is also in the top 10 in bWAR (10th), WHIP (4th), and K/9.

Rocky has two pitchers, left-handed in the bWAR’s top 10 Kyle Freeland 6th place 1.9 is right handed Antonio Senza Terra 1.7 is 9th place.


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