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No AirPods model will support the lossless audio offered by Apple Music

No AirPods model will support the lossless audio offered by Apple Music

The bad news has been confirmed by Apple.

Not “no loss”

This Monday, Apple confirmed the arrival of lossless audio to the Apple Music catalog, and this at no additional cost to all subscribers of the service. Unfortunately, the good news ends there for owners of AirPods, AirPods Pro, and even the newer (and more expensive) AirPods Max.

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In fact, these products cannot stream music losslessly due to their Bluetooth connection. You would need a Wifi connection and a very high bandwidth to take advantage of it, which is currently not possible.

Same for HomePods

And that’s not all, because Apple speakers, be it the classic HomePod or the recent HomePod mini, won’t be compatible either.

In fact, only the AirPods Max, wired, will be able to come close to the quality known as “lossless” at best, but Apple does not extend too much on this subject at the moment.

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It also doesApple wanted to burn priority to Spotify when announcing its new formula, even if it means not offering compatible headphones? It’s possible. Especially since the covid has caused huge delays in the production chains and it is not impossible for Apple to unveil a compatible AirPods / Pro / Max model, but delayed due to the health crisis.

Anyway, Apple’s announcement is still good newsAlthough it will take time to make the most of it. Until then, it will continue to be possible to enjoy spatialized sound, thanks to all AirPods models. At least if you don’t use Apple Music on Android …