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no RV parking and night closing

no RV parking and night closing

The public green area “Va ‘dee Femene”, on the Tarzian shore of Lake Santa María in the Colmaggiore area, has adopted a regulation in light of the increasing use of this space by citizens and tourists.

Unanimously approved by the city council, the document also welcomed some comments registered by citizens at the town hall and illustrated by Mayor Vincenzo Sacchet. Between these the prohibition of parking, in the parking area, for motorhomes, caravans and similar vehicles, and the night closing of the green zone and the parking lot.

The “Va ‘dee Femene” area has been assigned by the City Council to the association of the same name since 2015, which is in charge of its maintenance and management. Equipped with benches, tables and fireplaces a stone’s throw from the lake, it is very popular especially in summer.

The regulation, which consists of 17 items, allows only children under 12 years of age to play in the area, which is suitable for rest, study, sports, picnics, nature observation and any other social and recreational activity, as long as the people present and the site. Dogs are allowed, as long as they are tied, it is forbidden to light fires outside the existing chimneys. It is also prohibited to introduce mobile barbecues, gas or electric stoves, stick posters on trees, damage furniture and games, camping and pitching tents.

For violators of the regulation, the sanctions are ready: for example, for those who enter the park outside the indicated hours there is a fine of 100 to 500 euros, while those who are pinched to light a fire run the risk of having to pay up to 300 euros. .

(Photo: Giuseppe Dal Bo).