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Nokia Smart TV 2400A, the small Smart TV with Android TV and Play Store

Nokia Smart TV 2400A, the small Smart TV with Android TV and Play Store

The 24-inch Nokia Smart TV (2400A) is the smallest model in the family and is available now for € 299. With Android TV and the Google Play Store, it offers access to the most popular streaming services in a small format.

Even if the name sounds new to you StreamView GmbH is the Nokia brand licensee for smart TVs and set-top boxes in Europe, a bit like HMD Global is for smart phones. And precisely in these days it has launched its latest model, the smallest of the family: The 24-inch 24-inch Smart TV from Nokia costs 299.90 euros.

Nokia’s 24-inch Smart TV is equipped with Android TV and provides access to more than 7,000 applications in the Google Play Store. Popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video or YouTube, among many others, are included. You can also access the multimedia libraries of popular TV channels, thousands of cool Android apps, music apps, and much more that can be easily downloaded. The installation of the different applications is, as usual, very simple and easy with the on-screen instructions. The Automatic Updates and regular Google software guarantee the highest security standards.

Like the larger products of the family, the small Smart TV of 24 HD pollici (1366 x 768 pixels) It comes in familiar Nokia style with a Nordic minimalist design, combined with modern technology. As with all Nokia Smart TVs, this also includes the sleek Voice controlled Bluetooth remote control and ergonomic shape. Unique backlight helps find the right button even in dark rooms. With the Netflix and YouTube buttons on the remote control, both applications can be opened immediately.

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Nokia Smart TV 2400A remote control

Connectivity is provided by three HDMI ports, two USB ports is a audio / video port, as well as Dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for quick pairing of the remote control and other Bluetooth devices. Thanks to Chromecast Integrated, videos, sports programs, games, music and other content can be streamed from mobile devices to the TV screen. Nokia Smart TV support Google Assistant to search YouTube videos, the latest hits or information via voice control.

Nokia Smart TV 2400A

Processor quad-core with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM ensures smooth playback of games, videos, and web content. The triple tuner Built-in live TV via terrestrial antenna (DVB-T2), satellite (DVB-S2) or cable (DVB-C) allows you to easily access a variety of national and international free-to-air TV programs. A CI + slot for pay TV cards is also available.