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Nothing OS: Launcher shows a preview of the surface of the phone (1)

Image: Nothing

In March, Nothing announced the phone (1), for which no details are known apart from the Snapdragon platform, and promised a sneak peek of the future Nothing OS smartphone’s reduced Android footprint. From today there is the launcher Nothing as a beta version on the Google Play Store.

Preview your own design language with Launcher

Android users can preview Nothing OS graphics and animations, which are accompanied by a “distinctive design languagethey must be unified. With Max Icons and Max Folders, Nothing OS offers a new feature for Android that allows you to extend app folders and app icons. Apps can be launched directly from the folder, with the most used app always appearing at the top of the folder. The dot-matrix layout of the clock and weather widgets was already revealed when the phone was announced (1), although the position of the clock in Nothing OS shouldn’t change when you switch from the lock screen to the home screen.

Nothing Launcher (Beta) - Home Screen
Nothing Launcher (Beta) – Home screen (Image: Nothing)
Nothing Launcher (Beta) – Icons
Nothing Launcher (Beta) – Icons (Image: Nothing)
Nothing Launcher (Beta) – Widget
Nothing Launcher (Beta) – Widget (Image: Nothing)
Nothing Launcher installation steps:
  1. Download Nothing Launcher (Beta) from Google Play Store
  2. Go to “Settings> Apps> Default apps> Launch app” on the smartphone
  3. Select Nothing Launcher

In a video, Nothing explains the installation of the Nothing Launcher beta.

At launch only on Samsung S21/S22 and Google Pixel 5 and 6

At first, the launcher can only be used on some smartphones, namely Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22 and Google Pixel 5 and 6 (Pro). OnePlus smartphones will also be supported soon, but they cannot be used at first.

comments wanted

To improve Nothing OS up to phone release (1), Nothing asks for feedback and suggestions to improve the launcher on the discord server or by email to