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now it is possible to play your PC games wirelessly

Oculus Quest 2 welcomes a new update that brings an important feature: the ability to wirelessly play your games installed on the PC. An option long claimed by players, but still in the experimental phase. This update also allows developers to offer a 120Hz refresh rate in their titles.

Oculus Quest 2 welcomes a major update. Firmware 28 actually brings a feature long awaited by fans: the ability to play PC games wirelessly.

The Oculus headsets are mainly focused on mobility and work independently through integrated software with which it is possible to download games. It also offers the possibility of connecting to a computer via a cable to be able to enjoy great virtual reality games installed on your machine. With firmware 28, the cable will no longer be needed.

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In fact, the new Airlink mode lets you enjoy your game library without being held back by a thread. Perfect for immersion. It should be noted that there are all the same limitations that must be respected, as the maneuver requires a lot of resources. Therefore, you should stay close to your Internet access point, within a radius of six meters, and use a 5 GHz fiber connection. Your modem must also be connected to your PC via Ethernet.

The Oculus Quest 2 welcomes 120 Hz

Even under these conditions, not everything will be perfect, Oculus warns. In fact, the thing is still in the experimentation phase and it is possible that problems will interrupt your gaming sessions. Firmware 28 is currently in implementation and it may already be possible to download it. Note that if this official solution is commendable, there were already ways to play your PC games wirelessly through unofficial software.

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In addition to this novelty, firmware 28 brings other little things, such as the possibility for developers to support a refresh rate of 120 Hz, as well as the Infinite Office world, which allows you to model your office in virtual reality. Ideal for working in exotic environments without leaving home.