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NVIDIA launches its GFN on Thursday and invites you to PC Master Night tonight at 8pm


Several prizes to win: graphics cards, laptops, signed PCs …

Earlier this year, NVIDIA changed its communications strategy for its GeForce Now cloud gaming service. From now on, the company announces at the beginning of the month all the games that will enter the catalog during the next 30 or 31 days; sometimes with some absent, since “things go fast” and “there are always surprises” to use the words of the company. Thus, at the dawn of this new year, NVIDIA reported 23 games; a non-exhaustive list, to which titles such as Hitman 3 and EverSpace 2 were later added. Consequently, every Thursday the company remembers or even updates the games to come: a practice now called GFN Thursday, or “GeForce’s Les Thursday NOW “in French. On the other hand, the company opened yesterday a blog dedicated to GeForce NOW.

Here are some explanations from NVIDIA: “What is GFN Thursday, will you tell me?” And how is it different from what we already do?
Excellent questions. GFN Thursday is our ongoing commitment to providing our members with quality PC games and service updates every week. It also coincides with the launch of our blog dedicated to GeForce NOW. […] GFN’s First Thursday Thursday of every month will be a great day. This is where we will share the games we plan to add to GeForce NOW throughout the month. However, the list may not include all the games that will be released during the month. […]. Games will continue to be added each week, but this first Thursday of the month will give you an idea of ​​what to expect during the month. “

The 7 games added yesterday to GeForce Now

Yesterday, the firm added 7 titles, including The Medium, to its bibliothèque GeForce Now. Here is the list :

The Medium (Steam, Epic Games Store)
Immortals Fenyx Rising Demo (Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store)
Beholder (Steam)
Caves of Qud (steam)
Dyson Sphere Program (Steam)
Kathy Rain (steam)
Neon Abyss (Epic Games Store)
Gods Will Fall (I released vendredi on Steam, Epic Games Store)

Discover the citadel of Minas Tirith with ray tracing in Minecraft RTX

PC Master Night tonight

On another note, NVIDIA reminds us that the PC Master Night will take place this afternoon starting at 8 pm This event, organized in partnership with MSI and Cdiscount, will be a chance to win graphics cards, gaming PCs and laptops.

The company promises “A night of games 100% on PC with Wankil Studio (Laink and Terracid), Maghla, CYRILmp4, Lutti and C[h]rono “, “A masterclass dedicated to the latest NVIDIA technologies” in which “The guests will be tested with different challenges”. Finally, Fortnite, Minecraft and Ghost Runner sessions are also planned.

Image 2: NVIDIA debuts its GFN on Thursday and invites you to PC Master Night tonight at 8pm
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