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Nvidia launches 'Omniverse' virtual platform

Nvidia launches ‘Omniverse’ virtual platform

The graphics card specialist offers a platform for virtual simulation of real environments.

The high demand for your data center and computer game chips brings you Nvidia
strong growth. In the latest quarter, the graphics card specialist’s revenue increased 50 percent year-on-year to $ 7.1 billion (about € 6.3 billion). Profits rose 84 percent to $ 2.46 billion, the American company said this week. Additionally, CEO Jensen Huang announced the start of an “Omniverse” (see below).

Strong gaming and AI sectors

In gaming, where Nvidia graphics cards are popular, the business grew 42 percent to $ 3.2 billion. The data center chip business increased 55 percent to a good $ 2.9 billion. The IT group’s technology is used, among other things, for applications with artificial intelligence.

In the deal with automakers, Nvidia is also held back by component bottlenecks, due to them. Vehicles cannot be finished
. The division’s quarterly sales fell 11 percent to $ 135 million. For the current quarter, the group expects higher growth overall: the sales forecast of $ 7.4 billion beat analysts’ expectations, who were expecting around $ 6.9 billion.

Nvidia sticks to ARM purchase

Despite the concerns of the competition officials
Nvidia confirmed plans to buy British chip designer Arm, whose technology is in virtually every smartphone. One continues to believe in the benefits of the planned acquisition, CFO Colette Kress emphasized in a conference call with analysts. She said the FTC also has concerns. Possible concessions are being discussed. The deal is also being scrutinized in more depth in the EU and Britain.

Companies such as Qualcomm, Apple, and Samsung design their own processors for mobile devices based on Arm’s chip architectures. Some of Arm’s clients fear that the chip designer will focus more on Nvidia’s interests after the acquisition. Nvidia denies it.


Jensen Huang also sees big business ahead in Nvidia’s “Omniverse,” a platform for virtual simulation of real environments, such as factories, where processes and procedures can be optimized. One Beta version for developersr already exists.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has with his ” Metaverse
“Conceptually similar plans. In this parallel virtual world, a billion users should frolic by 2030.

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